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artist-info blog post  Neue Sachlichkeit - Franz Roh, Exhibitions and their Artists

The influential book 'Nach-Expressionismus. Magischer Realismus. Probleme der neuesten Europäischen Malerei' by Franz Roh, published in autumn 1925, includes 2 lists of alltogether 110 artists.
Our survey compares the list of artists in Franz Roh's book with the exhibited artists by Gustav Friedrich Hartlaub in Mannheim in 1925, the exhbitions in Jena 1926, Berlin 1927, and Amsterdam 1929, and further the artists in the exhibition 'Neue Sachlichkeit', Haus am Waldsee, Berlin 1961 and exhibitions in the 90s up to the present, which take a new look at this European phenomenon of the 20s and 30s.
Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, Four Men in front of Factories, 1926 (section)
artist-info blog post  The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art - Exhibition Timeline and Artists

The exhibitions of The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, active 1929-1932, are often cited because of their important if not groundbreaking focus.
Looking up with the artists of e.g. An Exhibition of American Art, Feb-Mar 1929, may be most helpful for your research, including looking up the artists of the other exhibitions between 1929 and 1932.
Harvard Society for Contemporary Art Exhibitions

artist-info blog post  The artists of the Kurt Kirchbach and Thomas Walther Collection – Avant-Garde Photographs of the 1920s & 1930s

Two important photography collections covering the 20s and 30s,
one question: Which insight offers the juxtaposition of the collection's artists?
El Lissitzky, Wolkenbügel, 1925
artist-info blog post  WWI: France and Germany using art as weapon of peace – not war

Art is a peace-maker and reunites people, as the French and the German statements for the catalog of Ausstellung Französischer Malerei (Oct 29 – Nov 26, 1916), Museum / Kunstverein Winterthur and of Ausstellung Deutscher Malerei XIX. und XX. Jahrhundert (Aug 19 – Sep 23, 1917), Kunsthaus Zürich demonstrate.
WWI: France and Germany using art as weapon of peace – not war
artist-info blog post  Dreier Bequest Artist Update – G.M. (Georg Meyer?) is Gerd Meyer

About G.M. (Gerd Meyer, Oldenburg 1894 – 1987 Delmenhorst) in the Dreier Bequest and about his exhibitions, about the Gallery Linne, Ziegert & Co., Bremen, about Ferdinand Adolph Linne (Bremen *26.04.1876) and Otto Erich Ziegert (Zerpenschleuse 01.07.1900 - 28.12.1978 Düsseldorf).
Dreier Bequest Artist Update – G.M. (Georg Meyer?) is Gerd Meyer
artist-info blog post  Erste Russische Kunstausstellung Berlin 1922 – The Artists

Who are the 160 artists in the catalog? Our survey seeks the answer to this question in identifying and allocating the artists through their many exhibitions from 1880 up to the present on and to provide like this new insight and overview to prove the importance of this exhibition not only for the well-known artists.
Erste Russische Kunstausstellung Berlin 1922 – The Artists
artist-info blog post  Carmen Gracia – ‘Mythologies quotidiennes’, 1964

Mythologies quotidiennes (Jul 1 – Oct 30, 1964) - Two important additional facts on the invited artists: The number of participating artists wasn’t 34 but 36, and who is ‘Gracia’?
Carmen Gracia – ‘Mythologies quotidiennes’, 1964
artist-info blog post  ‘International Pop’ at Walker Art Center – Artists on View

International Pop (Apr 11 – Aug 29, 2015) is a groundbreaking historical survey that chronicles the global emergence of Pop Art from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s.
A key ambition of the exhibition is to show artists in the specific contexts from which they emerged, as well as to create relations between works across time and place.
‘International Pop’ at Walker Art Center – Artists on View
artist-info blog post  KUNSTHALLE ERFURT – Julian Röder & Robert Capa

As part of its photo exhibition series CC – Classic Contemporary, KUNSTHALLE ERFURT presents a two-person exhibition of works by Julian Röder (*1981) and Robert Capa (1913–1954), curated by Silke Opitz.
KUNSTHALLE ERFURT – Julian Röder & Robert Capa
artist-info blog post  Ferus Gallery – the artists, curators, and exhibitions – its history

Which artists were shown between 1957 – 1966, the years the gallery was active? How was the gallery and the artists connected with other venues of the time?
Find out more on our interactive Ferus Gallery exhibition history timeline.
Ferus Gallery – the artists, curators, and exhibitions – its history
artist-info blog post  Llyn Foulkes – how it all began

Through our research for the renowned Ferus Gallery (1957 – 1966) we could understand through an interview given by Llyn Foulkes how it all began and how Llyn Foulkes was received in the late 50s and early 60s.
Llyn Foulkes – how it all began
artist-info blog post  Damien Hirst – Curator

Curating an exhibition is one of many ways for an artist to collaborate with other artists. Damien Hirst‘s (* 1965) groundbreaking and controversial work has made him one of the world’s best-known living artists – not to forget his success as curator.
Damien Hirst – Curator


artist-info blog post  Influential Contemporary Art Exhibitions in the 20th and 21st Century

The artist-info selection is not based on any 'blockbuster' criteria.
It is our wide range of research from 1880 up to the present which adds exhibitions to this constantly updated list, some are well known and those which shouldn't be forgotten.
Influential Contemporary Art Exhibitions in the 20th and 21st Century


artist-info blog post – Online Reference and Index for artists, exhibition venues, and curators built on exhibition information of many decades

To be part of the top 100 artists or exhibition venues is nice because everybody knows them. But what about all others: Not only of the past few years, as well as for the past 120 years?'s interactive exhibition timeline helps to find them, and additional information. – Online Reference and Index
artist-info blog post  Thomas Walther Collection Artists Today

Adding important new aspects this artist-info ‘Visualizing Art Networks’ project analysis with the help of an interactive network graph the participation of each of the 147 artists in more than 750 solo- and 1570 group-exhibitions since 1930.
Thomas Walther Collection Artists Today
artist-info blog post  Are Auctions a good place to buy Contemporary Art?

Reality check: As there are organized so many exhibitions in galleries, museums, nonprofit and collector venues worldwide we compare these rich and manifold activities with the auction Top 500 artist list.
Do the artists' exhibition activity statistics match the top 500 auction result?
Are Auctions a good place to buy Contemporary Art?
artist-info blog post  Artist, Curator, and Exhibition Venue Networks on

How are artists, exhibition venues, and curators connected among each other?
'Visualizing Art Networks' uses the exhibitions database to get an image about how artists, curators, and exhibition places are connected and what this means for their profile.
Artist, Curator, and Exhibition Venue Networks on
artist-info blog post  artist-info Exhibition History Summary

The Exhibition Records Summary for each artist, gallery, museum, non-profit and collector’s venue, and curator on their artist-info page shows with its insight the many valuable aspects the analysis of thousands of exhibition records is providing.
artist-info Exhibition History Summary
artist-info blog post  Artist Exhibition Statistics

Auction price statistics for artists offer only a very limited insight into the world of contemporary art.
Since many decades exhibitions are playing a key role in each artist‘s biography as well as for exhibition places, worldwide. Our Top 100 statistics page analysis the artists' exhibition records.
Artist Exhibition Statistics
artist-info blog post  Visualizing Art Networks

The world of contemporary art might have many random aspects, but on an upper level the bits and pieces summarize to network structures and clusters.
It is the first time ever a network graph is used to analyse and describe the world of contemporary art with artists, curators, and exhibition venues based on exhbition records.
Visualizing Art Networks insight

artist-info blog post  Easy access to additional resources with our Wikipedia and WorldCat-Identity link

To better inform and to facilitate the access to more information beyond the artist-info exhibition-history page artist-info is adding a link to Wikipedia and to WorldCat-Identity as part of the artist, exhibition venue, and curator page's header.
Easy access to additional resources with our Wikipedia and WorldCat-Identity link
artist-info blog post  Documenting Your Exhibition History

Escape the haystack of search engine results!
Each exhibition venue has an individual profile which is important for its legacy as well as for its future. Documenting your exhibition history with supports your profile in a unique way and makes it searchable.
Documenting Your Exhibition History
artist-info blog post  artist-info insight – Review 2015 is a documentary source for Modern and contemporary art solo- and group-exhibitions from 1880 up to the present.
Cross-linking the exhibition history of artists, curators, and exhibition venues provides new insight for evaluation and analytics like exhibition statistics and visualizing art networks.
artist-info insight – Review 2015
artist-info blog post  Follow on InstagramFollow on Instagram
artist-info blog post  Art Fairs worldwide in March 2015Art Fairs worldwide in March 2015
artist-info blog post  Who wants to miss Community Channels

artist-info provides for each artist, curator, and exhibition venue, like gallery, museum, non-profit or collector’s venue the possibility to add Community Channel links they are using to reach their audience.
Who wants to miss Community Channels

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