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Five different viewpoints to Visualize Art Networks.

Visualizing the network of artists, curtors and exhibition venues

How are artists and exhibition places and curators connected among each other?

The world of contemporary art might have many random aspects, but on an upper level the bits and pieces summarize to network structures and clusters.
All 5 examples of Visualizing Art Networks can be reached directly with sub-domains.

See below details and sub-domains for the examples.

Visualizing Art Networks uses artist-info database to get an image about how artists, curators, and exhibition places are connected through their activities of showing specific artists.

By zooming in and selecting a node you can visualize sub-clusters and see not only the artist’s connection to the center, but as well their connections among each other.
Some are connected with each other members of the sub-cluster, some not.
The search on the left lets you find a specific network member.
The sidebar on the right provides you in its header with a link to switch to the network mebers artist-info page with all in-depth information, shows availabe Exhibiton Annoucnements, Artwork Offers, or Artist-Portfolio, and lets you switch to the network members community channels.

More information can be found on our other blog post
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Example for an ARTIST-artists network
ARTIST-exhibition places
Example for an ARTIST-venues network
ARTIST-exhibition places
Example for a CURATOR-artists network
Example for a VENUE-artists network
EXHIBITION PLACE-exhibition places
Example for a VENUE-venues network
EXHIBITION PLACE-exhibition places
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