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Exhibition Records Summary

Exhibition Records Summary for each Artist, Curator, and Exhibition Venue in artist-info

Exhibition History Provides Important Insight

“You do not need to be a millionaire to access high quality but you do need to put a bit of time and effort into your own research or gaining access to some objective advice.”
Clare McAndrew,

  Studying an artist’s work, reading an art critic’s opinion, and looking at recent as well as older artwork to understand how perspectives and point of views do change is important.
  All your findings and evaluations are based on the many exhibitions of artwork which take place around the world since many decades. An exhibition venue’s type, concept and vision contributes in an important if not fundamental way to the artist’s positioning – on the long way to perhaps showing after many years in a major museum or selling in a gallery or at an auction for a high price.

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  It means that analyzing the exhibition records of artists, curators, and exhibition venues can be an important source of information helping to reveal a picture about the individual qualities of an artist.

  The Exhibition Records Summary for each artist, curator and gallery, museum, non-profit and collector’s venue on their artist-info page show the many valuable aspects the analysis of hundreds of thousands of exhibition records is providing.

  The Summaries complement artist-info’s Artist Exhibition Statistics showing the 100 artists with the highest number of exhibitions and the powerful service, which analysis with a network graph and clusters and sub-clusters how artists, curators and exhibition venues are connected.

  An artist’s biographical notes might be a good starting point. Unfortunately in most cases they don’t provide information on the exhibition history of exhibition places, nor participating artists in group exhibitions, nor curators.
  artist-info’s cross-linked exhibition histories for artists, curators, galleries, museums, non-profit, and collector’s venues provide this substantial information with exhibition records from 1929 onwards for more than 150.000 artists, more than 11.000 exhibition places worldwide, and more than 500.000 exhibition records.

About the Summary Details

  How to read the individual Exhibition Record Summaries for all Artists, Curators, and Exhibition Places in artist-info.

  The summary section’s left part analysis the artist-info exhibition history records by numbers, type, countries, and cities.

Total-Solo-Group Exhibitions
Solo-Exhibition Solo-Exhibition
Group-Exhibition Group-Exhibition
Exhibitions in artist-info
Besides the total number of Exhibitions in artist-info the number of Solo- and Group-Exhibitions is displayed in brackets.
Whereas Solo-Exhibitions allow an in-depth presentation of artwork, the theme of a Group-Exhibition brings together different artists with the advantage of showing their individual approach and strength.
Summary Color Bar
74: 36 / 13 / 24 / 1
Total: Gallery / Museum / Non-Profit / Collector
Exhibitions by Type
At which type of Exhibition Venue took place the Solo- and Group-Exhibitions?
The numbers show the relation between gallery, museum, non-profit, and collector's venue exhibitions.
The numbers are visualized by a color bar, showing the relation between Gallery, Museum, Non-Profit, and Collector venue exhibitions.
Venue Type
49: 19 / 10 / 19 / 1
Total: Gallery / Museum / Non-Profit / Collector
Venues by Type
Took the artist part at exhibitions of many different galleries or museums, or just at one place?
The numbers and the graph are showing the result of analyzing all exhibitions in artist-info and their venue typ.
Countries - Top 5
Each country with the number of exhibitions based on artist-info records.
Countries where the Exhibitions took place
As an example artist-info records know for Pablo Picasso exhibitions in 22 countries.
Cities - Top 5
Each city with the number of exhibitions.
Cities where the Exhibitions took place
The cities with the highest number of Exhibitions based on artist-info records know.
artist-info records
The 'from' - 'to' date of the records in artist-info database.
Time Scope
artist-info is researching exhibition information from 1930 until today.
The time scope for each artist, curator, gallery, museum, non-profit or collector's venue might be different, depending on the available sources.
Please feel free to contact by email us for adding additional records.

  The summary section’s right part displays the top 5 artists, exhibition places and curators found in artist-info exhibition history records.

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btn_3dots Visualizing Art Networks
The artists, curators, and exhibition venues in artist-info may be connected with Artwork Offers, Exhibition Announcements, or Artist Portfolios.
The icons show if they are available.
Did show together with - Top 5 of 459 artistsArtist Exhibition Records Summary
Due to many group exhibitions the number of artists who are related through these group exhibitions with the summary's artist can be high.
Some artists are repeatedly present in this Group Exhibition. The top 5 of them are displayed in this list, together with in brackets the number of times and following after the hyphen the total number of exhibitions of this specific artist in artist-info.
Venues - Top 5Artist Exhibition Records Summary
Which are the venues where the summary's artist was shown most? The list shows the top 5.
Curators - Top 5Artist Exhibition Records Summary
Who are the curators of the summary artist's exhibitions?
The list shows the top 5.
Shown artists - Top 5 of 186Curator Exhibition Records Summary
Depending on the number of a curator's exhibitions in artist-info records the number of shown artists can by high.
Some artists are shown repeatedly and are displayed in this top 5 list.
Venues - Top 5 of 7Curator Exhibition Records Summary
The list displays the top 5 Galleries, Museums, Non-Profit or Collector's venues where the curator did curate exhibitions, based on artist-info records.
Shown artists - Top 5 of 90
(no. of shows - all shows - Top 100
Exhibition Place Exhibition Records Summary
Depending on artist-info records the number of shown artists can be high, like e.g. for the MoMA, New York with 2342 artists in 833 exhibitions in artist-info. Some artists are shown more than one time.
The top 5 list shows the artists with the highest number of exhibitions at the specific exhibition place (number in brackets)
as well as after the hyphen the total number of exhibitions (solo- and group-exhibitions) of this artist in artist-info records.
The Top 100 page-link shows the 100 artists with the highest number of exhibitions (solo- and group exhibitions) in artist-info records.
The Top 100 list starts with Andy Warhol (1928-1987) with more than 585, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) with more than 550, and Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) with more than 440 solo- and group-exhibitions.
Curators - Top 5Exhibition Place Exhibition Records Summary
The list displays the 5 curators with the highest number of exhibitions, based on artist-info records.
Linked through shown artists - Top 5 of 816Exhibition Place Exhibition Records Summary
The artists in the exhibition venue's exhibitions did show at other venues as well.
This query finds all venues in the cross-linked exhibition history records in artist-info and displays the top 5 of them.

About the Exhibition History researches and documents contemporary art exhibitions from 1929 until today worldwide. The information of an exhibition, this is the start and end date, the exhibition venue, which is either a gallery, museum, non-profit’s, or a collector’s venue, whether it is a group- or a solo-exhibition, all participating artists, and the curators in case they are known, is displayed in a table below the Exhibition Summary section.
All this information is cross-linked and can be looked up by the names in the left column, which are always a link. Exhibition History for a specific exhibition venue, artist, or curator might not be complete. Please sign on or contact us to add exhibitions from 1929 onwards.
The used icons and numbers in the Exhibition History table are

Exhibition Title and SubtitleExhibition Title
Exhibition Subtitle

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How we analyse them and which new and important insight they provide can be found on
(83)Number of exhibitions in artist-info database.
In this example 83 exhibitions.
+ 4Registering as user with gives you the possibility on your artist-info My Home page to add artists, curators or exhibition places to your Favorites and get informed about their updates on artist-info.
In this example 4 users selected the artist, curator, or exhibition place as Favorite.
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