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Erste Russische Kunstausstellung Berlin 1922 – The Artists
Our survey identifies and allocates the 160 participating artists through their many exhibitions from 1900 up to the present on and provides like this new insight and overview to prove the importance of this exhibition not only for the well-known artists. As a result of our research we could identify other artists who participated but are not listed in the catalog.
The Thomas Walther Collection Artists Today
Visualizing the participation in exhibitions since 1930 of the Thomas Walther Collection artists:
The photographic works of the 147 artists reunited in the MoMA exhibition in December 2014 were shown in many exhibitions of galleries, museums, and non-profit venues in many countries since the 1930’s. Some artists were shown more often than others, some together, some individually. Based on thousands of exhibition records this artist-info ‘Visualizing Art
Carmen Gracia – ‘Mythologies quotidiennes’, 1964
Two important additional facts on the invited artists
artist-info added these group exhibitions in December 2015 to its database and was looking closer to who was participating as artist at the important ‘Mythologies quotidiennes’ of July 1964.
Our research did focus on two important issues of information on artists, missing in the 2008 retrospective description.
First Issue: The number of participating artists wasn’t 34 but 36.
Second Issue: As a custom w
‘International Pop’ at Walker Art Center – Artists on View
Organized by the Walker Art Center and on view April 11 through August 29, 2015, ‘International Pop’ is a groundbreaking historical survey that chronicles the global emergence of Pop Art from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s. Find out more about all shown artists on this page.
Pop is among the most broadly recognized phenomena of postwar art, primarily identified with Britain and the U.S. In truth, however, the Pop impulse was strikingly nomadic, contagiou
Visualizing Art Networks
How are artists and exhibition places and curators connected among each other?
The world of contemporary fine art might have many random aspects, but on an upper level the bits and pieces summarize to network structures and clusters.
It is the first time ever a network graph is used to analyse and describe the world of contemporary art with artists, curators, and exhibition places.
The Visualization identifies, helps to explore, and to develop the valuabl
Escape the haystack of search engine results
An Exhbition Venues profile and mission is based on its exhibition history. It is an important source for the public. Documenting your exhibition history with supports both sides: Your individual profile as a gallery, museum, non-profit venue or collector’s venue and for the public your unique position among all others.
How about paying more attention to this important asset and getting the most out of it?
More on our Services Page.
Ferus Gallery – the artists, curators, and exhibitions – its history
The exhibition ‘Objects on the New Landscape Demanding of the Eye’, March 15 – April 11, 1957
was the inaugural group show at the famous Ferus Gallery, directed by curator Walter Hopps, and the artist Edward Kienholz.
Which artists were shown between 1957 – 1966, the years the gallery was active?
How was the gallery and the artists connected with other venues of the time?
Ferus Gallery was important in many aspects.
Influential Contemporary Art Exhibitions in the 20th and 21st Century
The artist-info selection below is not based on any ‘blockbuster’ criteria. It is our research on exhibitions since 1930 with the eye of an art historian and a historian which adds exhibitions to this constantly updated list.
Our List below starts 1929 with the first exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art – MoMA, New York, Nov 7, 1929: Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat, Van Gogh. It enjoyed an unexpected high number of visitors – despite ‘Black Tuesday’ at Wall St
Online Reference and Index for artists, exhibition venues, curators
Exhibitions and their published information are very much like a footprint a secure source to allocate and verify an artist, to find additional information on the artwork, exhibition catalogs for more insight and reviews on the artists and the exhibition’s focus, and related information through the exhibition history.
To search an artist on and to find the artist’s exhibitions is a secure reference and like this starting point for research
Are Auctions a good place to buy Contemporary Art?
Reality Check – Comparing the artist’s auction performance with exhibition history statistics. As there are so many exhibitions in galleries, museums, nonprofit and collector venues worldwide we at artist-info were interested in comparing these rich and manifold activities with the artprice Top 500 list.
This is the first time that an auction result report for contemporary art artists is compared with the reality of the contemporary art world, using
Easy access to additional resources with our Wikipedia and WorldCat-Id
To better inform and to facilitate the access to more information beyond the artist-info exhibition-history pages we are adding a link to Wikipedia and to WorldCat-Identity as part of the artist, exhibition venue, and curator page's header.
The Wikipedia page of an artist, an exhibition venue, a curator can provide a first overview and encourage further research.
WorldCat-Identity is an authority control for artists, exhibition venues and curators.
Damien Hirst – Curator
Curating an exhibition is one of many ways for an artist to collaborate with other artists. Damien Hirst‘s (* 1965) groundbreaking and controversial work has made him one of the world’s best-known living artists – not to forget his success as curator.
‘Freeze’ – July 1988: During his time at Goldsmiths College of Art he organized in July 1988 in an empty London Port Authority building at Surrey Docks in London Docklands his first exhibition, entitled ‘Fre
artist-info Exhibition History Summary
Exhibition History Provides Important Insight: Aanalyzing the exhibition records of artists, curators, and exhibition venues can be an important source of information helping to reveal a picture about the individual qualities of an artist.
The Exhibition Records Summary for each artist, curator and gallery, museum, non-profit and collector’s venue on their artist-info page show the many valuable aspects the analysis of hundreds of thousands of exhibition
Dreier Bequest Artist Update – G.M. (Georg Meyer?) is Gerd Meyer
The text about the artist G.M. (Georg Meyer?) in the catalog raisonné states that Katherine Sophie Dreier bought seven watercolors of this artist in Bremen in 1930 from the ‘Galerie Moderne Kunst’. It is a correction of her notice in the 1950 catalogue, where Galerie Linne, Bremen, is mentioned as source.
The artist G.M. (Georg Meyer?) is Gerd Meyer, born in Oldenburg on November 28, 1894. He became citizen of Bremen June 11, 1920. He died in Delmenhorst