Documenting Your Exhibition History –

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Revalue your precious exhibition history

Documenting Your Exhibition History –

An exhibition is an archival object in its own right. Many are accompanied by a catalog, many of them not. Documenting an exhibition starts with an index of the shown artists. Providing this index is the focus of More about the role of exhibitions on

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Each exhibition venue has an individual profile which is important for its legacy as well as for its future. As a matter of fact much of your profile and mission is based on your exhibition history which makes it an important source for the public.
Documenting your exhibition history with supports both sides: Your individual profile as a gallery, museum, non-profit venue or collector’s venue and for the public your unique position among all others.

‘All Exhibitions Update Service’ – How it works

Send us all your solo- and group-exhibitions from the beginning to the present: Start and End Date of an Exhibition, Exhibition Title and Sub-Title, all participating Artists, and Curators.
We update with these records your individual page for a small one-time fee. Details on our Services page
All future single exhibition information entries are free of charge.

Revalue your important asset

Your exhibition history in artist-info is much more than a simple listing. It gives the user insight and overview on a much wider scale than ever before by cross-linking all information.
Exhibition History Each artist’s, exhibition venue’s (gallery, museum, non-profit, collector’s venue), and curator’s Exhibition History is displayed on an individual page, with direct access through its artist-info subdomain. Furthermore the summary section on the Exhibition History page provides helpful analytical insight at a glance.
Exhibition Page Link This icon left of an Exhibition Title exhibition title provides access to the exhibition’s individual page with a subdomain for direct access, displaying date, title and subtitle, and all artists and curators of the exhibition. See our Example.
May be you should consider adding the artist-info subdomain of an individual exhibition to an exhibition catalog information or blog post or newspaper exhibition review. It provides important additional insight on all artists and curators of the exhibition.

Add-Ons for your exhibition information

To make more out of your exhibition information the following services are available to be added to an artist, exhibition venue and curator page
Exhibition Announcement This icon indicates an artist-info Exhibition Announcement with text and image or video about the exhibition. See all on our WHAT’S ON page.
Artwork Offer Artists with available Artwork Offers are marked with this icon. View all Artwork Offers on our Artwork Offers Overview page and get in direct contact with the one who offers the artwork.
Artist Portfolio Artists with an Artist Portfolio are marked with this icon. Check out all Artist Portfolios on our Artist Portfolio page.
Visualizing Art Networks provides new insight on how artists, exhibition venues and curators are connected through exhibitions among each other by using a network graph and showing clusters and sub clusters.
Exhibition Statistics Our Top 100 Artists Exhibitions Statistics page is based on the many 100.000 exhibitions in artist-info from 1929 up to the present.
Custom statistics and charts are available for your individual project and research.

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How about paying more attention to this important asset and getting the most out of it? is focusing since more than 20 years on researching and documenting exhibitions since 1929, worldwide.

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