– Online Reference and Index for artists, exhibition venues, and curators built on exhibition information of many decades

Exhibition information as reference – Online Reference and Index for artists, exhibition venues, and curators built on exhibition information of many decades

To be part of the top 100 artists or exhibition venues is nice because everybody knows them.
But what about all others: Not only of the past few years, as well as for the past 120 years?
How to find them, and additional information on them?

Exhibition Information: Reference and Index

  Exhibitions and their published details are very much like a footprint a secure source.
Documenting this information from 1890 up to the present for artists, exhibition venues and curators alike, and making it searchable online with helps
A  To allocate and verify an artist and the artist’s identity across continents and decades, including alias names.
B  To find additional information on the artwork.
C  By digitizing the artists of an exhibition catalog provides for library and archive holdings worldwide the missing artist keyword index in their catalogs.
D  To find related content inside exhibition catalogs for details and valuable reviews on the artist’s work and profile in comparison to other artists, and the exhibition’s focus.
E  To find related information through the exhibition history, like e.g. all participants of a group exhibition.
F  To find information on the exhibition venue’s exhibition history and profile.
G  Authority information / related knowledge sources: is adding whenever possible to the profile of an artist, an exhibition venue, and a curator a link to their Wikipedia page and a link to their WorldCat-identity (based on VIAF or LCCN), or VIAF identity (Virtual International Authority File) page.

  To search an artist on and to find the artist’s documented exhibitions is a secure reference and starting point for research on artists, on curators, and on exhibition venues alike through the cross-linked information on
  In addition the documented exhibition information on offers much more than only finding an artist. The overview on group exhibitions and the participating artists, their exhibition history as well as the exhibition history of the gallery, museum or non-profit venue provides additional insight and helps to explore, analyze, discover, and develop.
  The success of an artist as well as of an exhibition venue is built on many years of hard work. You should revalue this effort by documenting it professionally online. Art professionals, academics, the press, curators, artists, galleries, museums, collectors and art lovers research on because it saves time through its unique structure.

Index for exhibition catalogs

  Looking up an exhibition catalog in a library or a bookshop will only work through the title and may be through the curator’s or the text author’s name. You will never find the complete list of all artists participating in a group exhibition, although it is important information for you and your research.
  Exhibitions documented with and like this searchable for the exhibition venue name, exhibition title and subtitle, the artists and curators are an important additional dimension to the existing artist CV or exhibition venue’s exhibition archive on their website. In most cases they only provide limited scope of information and time span.

‘All Exhibitions Update’

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… more than 169,590 artists and 7.140 curators in 617.50ß shows (1890 – tomorrow) in 12.048 venues in 1.467 cities in 163 countries.

Art Exhibition Documentation

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