Dreier Bequest Artist Update – G.M. (Georg Meyer?) is Gerd Meyer

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G.M. - Gerd Meyer

Dreier Bequest Artist Update – G.M. (Georg Meyer?) is Gerd Meyer

G M - Gerd MeyerGerd Meyer, signing with G M
(Oldenburg 1894 – 1987 Delmenhorst)
Also known as: Georg Bernhard Meyer; Gerd Meyer-Helldiek; Gert Meier; Gert Meyer

  The catalog raisonné of the Dreier Bequest at Yale University mentions an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston [YSA 51], 06.09.–02.10.1949, showing among the 50 artists as well the work of G.M. (Georg Meyer?). See exhibitions list below.
  The text about the artist G.M. (Georg Meyer?) in the catalog raisonné states that Katherine Sophie Dreier bought seven watercolors of this artist in Bremen in 1930 from the ‘Galerie Moderne Kunst’. It is a correction of her notice in the 1950 catalogue, where Galerie Linne, Bremen, is mentioned as source.
  The artist G.M. (Georg Meyer?) is Gerd Meyer, born in Oldenburg on November 28, 1894. He became citizen of Bremen June 11, 1920. He died in Delmenhorst August 29, 1987. [Jürgen Weichardt: Biographie von Georg Bernhard (Gerd) Meyer; in: Biographisches Handbuch zur Geschichte des Landes Oldenburg; Ed. Hans Friedl, et al; Oldenburg 1992, ISBN 3-89442-135-5, page 456-457]

Gerd Meyer in ‘Thieme/Becker & Hans Vollmer’

  Following the kind notice of Kevin Fickert (Library Kunsthalle Bremen, contact through Bettina Brach, Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen) the artist G. M., active in Bremen, is listed in ‘Thieme/Becker-Hans Vollmer Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler des XX. Jahrhunderts’, Leipzig 1956, vol. 3, p. 382 (Verlag E.A. Seemann, Leipzig, 1999) as Gerd Meyer:
Meyer, Gerd, dtsch. Maler, *28.11.1894 Oldenburg i.O., ansässig in Bremen.
Stud. Bei R. tom Diek [Richard tom Dieck] in Oldenburg. Hauptsächl. Stilleben u. Landschaften. Begann als Impressionist, später abstrakt. Im Folkwang-Mus. Essen: Vorfrühling in Achterdiek. Koll.Ausst. 1924 in der Kestner-Ges. Hannover. Lit.: Dreßler [Willy Oskar Dressler]. – D. Bild (Karlsr.), 4 (1934) 318ff., m. Abb. – D. Cicerone, 16, (1924) 469.”

  For the Kestner-Gesellschaft group exhibition in March 1924 see below the exhibition history details of Gerd Meyer.

About Galerie Linne / Linne, Ziegert & Co., Bremen

  According to the catalog raisonné (Yales University Art Museum, 1984, p. 455) Katherine Dreier says she bought the seven watercolors in 1930 from a young man with the name Linne, who had opened a small gallery for watercolors, sketches, and graphic art.
  Only the Bremen 1924 registry knows a ‘Linne, Ziegert & Co.’, Kunst- und Buchhandlung, owned by Ferdinand Adolph Linne and Otto Erich Ziegert & Co. (no details on ‘Co.’ partners), Kohlhökerstraße 14, Bremen. The gallery closes for good September 30, 1924.
  Ferdinand Adolph Linne (Bremen *26.04.1876; until December 1925 Adolf, thereafter Adolph) is part of the Bremen citizen registry in 1922/23–1927, 1929, and 1930 as artist painter (Kunstmaler) at changing addresses. He is the son of Wilhelmine Linne, born Wagener and the merchant Hermann Heinrich Linne. The registry knows Linne always as Linne, not as Linné. ‘Linzie’, mentioned in the catalog raisonné (Yales University Art Museum, 1984, p. 455), was the telegraph address used bei ‘Linne, Ziegert & Co.’.
  Adolf Linne participated with 83 other artists in June 1912 in the exhibition This exhibition on artist-info.com Ausstellung zu Ehren von Geh. Hofrat Prof. Eugen Bracht, at Galerie Ernst Arnold, Dresden, at This exhibition on artist-info.com Bremische Kunstausstellung, at Kunsthalle Bremen, 30.11.1912–January 1913, together with 149 other artists, and from 01.02.–31.03.1914 This exhibition on artist-info.com Internationale Ausstellung in der Kunsthalle Bremen 1914 with 196 other artists. He was showing 2 oil paintings (‘Abendsonne, Rügen’; ‘Stilleben’) and three color drawings (‘Blick auf Vanves’; ‘Der Tod des Caspar Hauser’; ‘Caspar Hauser’).
  Otto Erich Ziegert was born 01.07.1900 at Zerpenschleuse, borough of Niederbarnim (Brandenburg), † 28.12.1978 Düsseldorf. He is the son of Maximilian Ziegert and Ilse von Grund.
  His father Maximilian Ziegert (*Eilenburg 1852–1930) opened in 1899 the ‘Kunstantiquariat Max Ziegert’, Hochstraße 3, Frankfurt am Main (first at Bethmannstraße 56), vis à vis of the Europe wide important antiquarian Joseph Baer & Co. He learned the basics of the trade as employee of the renowned Joseph A. Stargardt, Berlin, thereafter of Ludwig Rosenthal in Munich, and knew many of his colleagues across Europe [Max Ziegert: Schattenrisse deutscher Antiquare – persönliche Erinnerungen aus den Jahren 1870–1915; Leipzig 1916).
  Erich Ziegert was after the two years 1923–1924 in Bremen operating a gallery in Berlin, Wittenbergplatz 3a, from 1928–1930. He married in Frankfurt am Main on 15.06.1926 Wanda Helene Pauline von Debschitz (Munich 01.11.1899 – 12.07.1986 Lausanne), daughter of Wanda von Debschitz-Kunowski (1870–1935) and the artist Wilhelm von Debschitz (1871– 1948), marriage 1898, divorced July 1924. He is registered as Bremen inhabitant only later, relocating from Potsdam/Berlin, between 20.05.1946 and 29.1.1949, thereafter moving to Bad Godesberg.
  Wanda von Debschitz-Kunowski was a well-known portrait photographer of her time, opening her own studio in Berlin in 1921.
  Wilhelm von Debschitz was 1900 co-founder of the avant-garde art academy Debschitz-Schule in Munich, from 1914–1921 director of the ‘Kunstgewerbeschule- und Handwerkerschule Hannover’, 1916 co-founder of the ‘Kestner-Gesellschaft’.
  Wanda Helene Pauline’s sister Irene was married to Alexander (aka Xanti) Schawinsky, a Swiss painter, photographer and theater stage designer with ties to the Bauhaus and Walter Gropius.

  Galerie Linne / Linne, Ziegert & Co. ‘Kunst- und Buchhandlung’
  The business may have started in early 1923 following the correspondence of Kurt Schwitters with Hannah Höch on his and her artwork at Linne, Ziegert & Co. (Kurt Schwitters archive Berlinische Galerie, correspondence with Hannah Höch 24.04. and 01.05.1923). Another source for their activities is the offer dating 21.04.1924 and sent by Linne, Ziegert & Co. to the poet Stefan George [Stefan George Archiv, Württembergischen Landesbibliothek] on two busts (1910 and 1923) of Alfred Schuler by Clara Rilke-Westhoff, living then east of Bremen in Fischerhude and seen today as a pioneer female sculptor.
  Katherine Dreier refers to Linne and the gallery in conjunction with the seven G.M. watercolors she bought there most presumably in summer 1924 during her stay in Europe. The purchase date 1930 first mentioned in the catalog raisonné of 1950 may be the result of incomplete or misread records. The later notice (Yales University Art Museum, 1984, p. 455) of Katherine Dreier that she bought the watercolors from ‘Galerie Moderne Kunst’, Bremen, are difficult to verify as no ‘Galerie Moderne Kunst’ appears in the Bremen registry between 1923–1932.
  Exhibitions by ‘Linne, Ziegert & Co.’ are known for 1923 and 1924. See below.

Exhibitions at Galerie Linne, Ziegert & Co. artist-info.com knows

1923 AprilKurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch.
1923 April–MayFritz Stuckenberg
1923 October–November'G"-Ausstellung - 'G' stands for 'Material zur elementaren Gestaltung', later 'Zeitschrift für Elementare Gestaltung', editors Werner Graeff, El Lissitzky, Friedrich Kiesler, Hans Richter, Mies van der Rohe
1923/1924Dora Bromberger

Exhibitions of Gerd Meyer artist-info.com knows

Last update February 22, 2017
1922, MarchThis exhibition on artist-info.com 2. Frühjahrsausstellung der 'Barke', Augusteum, Oldenburg.
Georg Emil Baumann, C. Behling, K.W. Göring, Gertrud Göring-Erichsen, Willy Knoop, Gerd Meyer [G M], Alexander Minke, Jan Oeltjen, Karl Sommerfeld, Georg von der Vring, Therese von der Vring
[Source: Jörg Michael Henneberg, Künstlergruppe 'Barke'; in: Therese von der Vring 1894-1927, Biographie; Künstlerhaus Jan Oeltjen, Oldenburg, 1996]
1924, MarchThis exhibition on artist-info.com 63 | Irma Stern - Gerd Meyer - Hans Düne - Architektur von Adolf Falke, Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover
[in: 'Zur 100. Ausstellung der Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover'; Hannover 1929. page 6 / catalog of the exhibition 100 | 'Edvard Munch', which includes details of the past 100 exhibitions]
08.12. – 11.12.1926

Auction Catalog, December 11, 1926, Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover
The Kestner-Gesellschaft did stage a preview exhibition for an auction from December 8 – 11, 1926 in which Gerd Meyer took part.
Lot #130: Meier, Gert, Bremen, Komposition Braune Melodie, Aquarell 12x24 cm
This exhibition on artist-info.com 81a | Versteigerung einer Privatsammlung moderner Aquarelle und Graphik, Sonnabend, den 11. Dezember 1926, Hannover, [organized by Karl von der Porten jun.], Ort: Kestner-Gesellschaft e.V., Hannover, Königstraße 8.

It is an auction of a prestigious private collection (Herbert von Garvens) of watercolors and graphic art by 82 well known artists of the beginning 20th century, among them Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Max Beckmann, Fernand Léger, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, László Móhóly-Nagy, Emil Nolde, Kurt Schwitters, Willi Baumeister, Lyonel Feininger.

The complete, digitized catalog (11 pages) on
1942This exhibition on artist-info.com Kunstausstellung des Gaues Weser-Ems : Gemälde, Graphik, Plastik
Organized by the Oldenburger Kunstverein and 'Künstlerbund Bremen', together with the 'Niederländisch-Deutsche Kulturgemeinschaft'.
06.09. – 02.10.1949This exhibition on artist-info.com The Société Anonyme Collection, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; (Source: Dreier Bequest, 1984, YSA 51, p.781)
10.10. – 06.11.1949This exhibition on artist-info.com Modern Art From the Collection of the Société Anonyme, Museum of Modern Art: 1920, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA
(Source: Dreier Bequest, 1984, YSA 54, p.781)
07.04.–12.05.1978This exhibition on artist-info.com Künstler in Delmenhorst - Werke aus dem Kunstbesitz der Stadt Delmenhorst anläßlich des Jubiläums "75 Jahre Kreisfreiheit", Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst - Haus Coburg
1981Gerd Meyer - Bilder der 20er Jahre, Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst - Haus Coburg [from CV in catalog 200 Jahre Malerei im Oldenburger Land, p. 46} No further details
22.02. – 22.03.1987This exhibition on artist-info.com 200 Jahre Malerei im Oldenburger Land - 1786–1986
Oldenburger Kunsrverein and Landesmuseum Oldenburg
29.03. –26.04.1987This exhibition on artist-info.com 200 Jahre Malerei im Oldenburger Land - 1786–1986
Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
1990, SeptemberGerd Meyer-Hellensiek, Kunsthandlung Klaus von Seggern, Oldenburg
[Review by Jörg Michael Henneberg; in: Der Oldenburgische Hauskalender oder Hausfreund 1992, page 15-21.]
06.06. – 21.07.1999This exhibition on artist-info.com Graphische Sammlung Klassische Moderne - 25 Jahre Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst
curator Barbara Alms, Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst - Haus Coburg
11.01. – 03.02.2002This exhibition on artist-info.com Graphische Sammlung II - Akrobaten, Harlekine und Amazonen,
curator Barbara Alms, Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst - Haus Coburg
06.09. – 20.12.2009This exhibition on artist-info.com 'entartet' - beschlagnahmt - Bremer Künstler im Nationalsozialismus
curator Birgit Neumann-Dietzsch, Städtische Galerie Bremen

Société Anonyme Retrospective 2006

  This exhibition on artist-info.com The Société Anonyme – Modernism for America
The Yale University Art Museum organized an important retrospective for the legendary Société Anonyme starting at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, April 23 – August 20, 2006, organized by Jennifer Gross, then touring to The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, Dallas Museum of Art (TX), Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville (TN), and Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven (CT), December 12, 2012 – July 14, 2013.
  In 1941 Katherine Dreier and Marcel Duchamp donated a portion of their collection to Yale University. Among others works of art Katherine Dreier had bought at the legendary and influential artist-info.com Blog post Erste Russische Kunstausstellung Berlin 1922, e.g. the Konstantin Medunetsky [Mechmetzki] scultpure ‘Construction’ (1919).
  At this time, Dreier and Duchamp actively sought additional gifts to round out their Collection. Their efforts prompted donations from numerous artists including Jean Arp, John Graham, Jean Crotti, and one of the organization’s cofounders, Man Ray. When the group formally dissolved in 1950, the collection assembled by the Société Anonyme constituted one of the foremost assemblages of modern art in America, paralleled only by The Museum of Modern Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, in New York.

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