Easy access to additional resources with our Wikipedia and WorldCat-Identity link

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Wikipedia and WorldCat-Identity link

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on artist-info.com

Easy access to additional resources with our Wikipedia and WorldCat-Identity link

artist-info.com as a reference for artists, exhibition venues, curators and their exhibitions

The artist-info exhibition-history page for artists, for galleries, museums, non-profit and collector’s venues is a unique possibility to document exhibition information.
Complete information on group-exhibitions and cross-linking the exhibition details revalues the important function exhibitions always had and will have, as the most influential place to present artwork to the public.
The insight artist-info.com is providing, from 1900 up to the present, across the many individual exhibitions of artists, organized by many different exhibition venues, by different curators, offers a new way to explore and research the profile of artists, exhibition venues, and curators.
That’s an important advantage to printed biographies.

Our exhibition-history information has become an important source to identify and reference an artist’s as well as an exhibition venue’s name and through this their profile, with sometimes many hundred solo- and group-exhibitions in many countries and cities.
The importance of such a reference shows as an example our research on artist-info.com Blog Post Erste Russische Kunstausstellung Berlin 1922 / The 1st Russian Show Berlin 1922: In the catalog 9 artist names have two different spellings, we added to the exhibition’s 162 artist names 301 alias names which we found in the more than 3.350 exhibitions artist-info.com knows for the 162 artists. Searching any of these 301 alias names with artist-info Main-Search will display the artist-info reference name for the looked up artist.

Access to more resources beyond the artist-info exhibition-history

To better inform and to facilitate the access to more information beyond the artist-info exhibition-history page artist-info is adding a link to Wikipedia and to WorldCat-Identity as part of the artist, exhibition venue, and curator page's header.Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on artist-info.com
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on artist-info.com

Wikipedia  Wikipedia link

The Wikipedia page of an artist, an exhibition venue, a curator can provide a first overview and encourage further research.
Your notice on missing Wikipedia page information is always welcome.

Wikipedia  WorldCat-Identity link

As the information accessible through the Internet is growing more and more authority control to identify an artist, an exhibition venue, or a curator across the many different sources has become an important additional reference.
Among the many national and international authority control databases we have chosen WorldCat-Identity as reference for artists, exhibition venues and curators on artist-info.com as it offers a wide range of information on additional resources for research in particular in libraries and archives worldwide.
The link to the WorldCat-Identity is part of the artist's, exhibition venue's, or curator's page header.
We are adding constantly the related WorldCat-Identity page link but your email on a missing link is always welcome.
Wikipedia SRGM

WorldCat-Id SRGM

This exhibition on artist-info.com  Individual Exhibition Page for an exhibition

All exhibitions of an exhibition venue in artist-info.com with an exhibition title can be displayed on an individual page. Clicking this icon This exhibition on artist-info.com opens a new browser window with this exhibitions artist-info sub-URL.
To update exhibitions without exhibition title, please do contact us or read our services page.

Summary Section

Each exhibition-history page of an artist, exhibition venue, or curator in artist-info has a summary section. It analysis the sometime many 100 exhibitions and provides an important overview.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on artist-info.com - Summary
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