About Us


Independent artist-info.com website is focused on contemporary art worldwide.

Our endeavor is to cover with our portal the interest of professionals like Artists, Cu-rators, Galleries, Museums, Non-Profit Places, and Collectors in the field of contem-porary art.
Private art lovers are important to us as well but may not have the professional per-spectives regarding the contemporary art world and market.

However, if you would take out the group of Artists lights would went out. For this reason the website is called artist-info.com.

The underlying database covers mainly artists and their exhibitions of the last 20 years but goes back in some cases to the 50s.
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About Us

Original artwork at a real exhibition space

The overall image we intend to show is that the exhibition history of both, the artist as well as the exhibition place is an important part in the art world and stands for an idea, a concept or a perspective which becomes the clearer the more details this history unveils.

Where in the beginning 90s when the Internet only started it was difficult technically as well as financially for a single exhibition place to display its profile today the Inter-net provides the possibility for own websites with in-depth information.
But at the end the original artwork in a real exhibition place counts.
artist-info.com respects this important fact with its portal by directing users with their search to the presence of exhibition places or artists and their exhibitions and artist-portfolio displaying their artwork with images or video and texts.

To cover as many single presences as possible and to display them as network is the possibility and great benefit artists, curators, galleries, museums, non-profit places and collectors do have with artist-info.com.
However, it is not possible, that artist-info.com database lists ALL contemporary art-ists and ALL contemporary art exhibition places. It always will be a selection.

In our experience over many years one aspect became more and more important and very clear: To communicate and to build up a network is very important in the world of contemporary art. To do this with the support of artist-info's large database on artists, curators and exhibition places as backbone is an important advantage as it is possible to use the content of the database as a valuable profile-image of activities.

For this reason artist-info offers to its registered users a 'What's on your mind' feature to send status messages as text or with an image to your buddies and, depending on your privacy settings, to the buddies of your buddies.
As your buddies might know your work as an artist, a curator or an exhibition place, the buddies of your buddies might not.
Like this the use of 'What's on your mind' reaches out to contacts you might have hardly reached before.

We are proud and very excited to start in August 2012 with the fourth generation of artist-info.com website thanks to many who supported and helped us to develop and realize the major new setup.
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About Us

How it started

artist-info did start as a documentary database, directory and research source in the beginning 90s displaying who exhibits where.
This website now is the 4th generation of artist-info.com websites.
It started in the very early age of the Internet in 1996 with displaying static html-pages of the database content. Next generations took advantage of technical devel-opments by using dynamic pages. Very soon the unique content of artist-info data-base and its thousands of users all over the world did lead to a single page on Yahoo then still the leading directory and search engine.
We started with Frankfurt am Main then added other major German cities. By following the exhibitions of artists it was only a small step to add other European countries and their cities and with a next step to add more and more countries worldwide, their contemporary art galleries and museums and non-profit exhibition places with their exhibitions for artists.
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Press Office

Welcome to the Press Room, where media can view and download past, current and upcoming artist-info.com press releases.
Please contact us for more information on artist-info.com with below details.

Additional online resources
Please don't miss for additional information on  www.artist-info.com/blog/
which helps us to share with you news and notes we come across in our daily work.

Documenting art exhibitions is an important resource.  art-exhibitions.com
It makes Modern and Contemporary Art exhibitions searchable by / artist / venue / curator / exhibition (catalog) title, across all / borders / barriers / media / decades (1880 > today).

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Contact for Media and Public Relations
Thomas Poller
+49 (0) 69 - 6199 0725
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Press Releases

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Awards participation

9. Kulturmarken ® Award / 9th Cultural Brand Award
October 2014

9. Kulturmarken ® Award / 9th Cultural Brand Award
Total of 7 Categories
Category Europäische Trendmarke / European Take-off Brand
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Classica GmbH, LVR - Dezernat für Kultur und Umwelt, Museomix (France)
Project Space Festival, Stuttgarter Symphoniker, Stadt Ulm

The awards, that take place annually since 2006, promote the development of cultural management and marketing in the German-speaking area. Through the ever-growing encouragement from culture, politics, business and the increased media interest, further categories have been added to the main prize. With more than 660 entries in six categories and a Jury of 30 experts, the Cultural Brand Awards have become the most important accolades in the industry and will be awarded an a pan-European basis for the first time in 2014.
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