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Galerie von Garvens, Hannover – The Gallery of a Collector

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Galerie von Garvens - 2nd Exhibition

Galerie von GarvensFrom the 2nd exhibition: China-Porzellan und Chrysanthenum. November 1920 Galerie von Garvens, Hannover – The Gallery of a Collector Herbert von Garvens (Hannover 1883 – 1953 Bornholm), began collecting during his world tour in 1907. His traveling and research for artists ‘with true creative work, not fashionable style’ led him in 1910 to Antwerp where he discovered by chance in a shop two etchings of James Ensor (1860-1949). The quality of Ensor’s work […]

Neue Sachlichkeit – Franz Roh, Exhibitions and their Artists

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F.W. Seiwert, Four Men in front of Factories 1926 (section)

Neue Sachlichkeit – Franz Roh, Exhibitions and their Artists, from 1921 up to the present    Comparing the exhibitions and the shown artists related to ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ is subject of this survey. Who are the artists whose work is shown in exhibitions entitled ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ or ‘Magic Realism’ in the 20s and exhibitions that are more recent?    ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ is an important issue when you are looking at painting of the 20s and 30s. Although he […]

Documenting Your Exhibition History –

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Revalue your precious exhibition history

Documenting Your Exhibition History – An exhibition is an archival object in its own right. Many are accompanied by a catalog, many of them not. Documenting an exhibition starts with an index of the shown artists. Providing this index is the focus of More about the role of exhibitions on Escape the haystack of search engine results Each exhibition venue has an individual profile which is important for its legacy as […]

artist-info Exhibition History Summary

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Exhibition Records Summary

Exhibition History Provides Important Insight “You do not need to be a millionaire to access high quality but you do need to put a bit of time and effort into your own research or gaining access to some objective advice.” Clare McAndrew,   Studying an artist’s work, reading an art critic’s opinion, and looking at recent as well as older artwork to understand how perspectives and point of views do change is important.   All your […]

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Follow now as well on Instagram at We started January 20 our Instagram feed to post exhibition views at galleries, museums, non profit venues and collector’s venues as well as for other information like our monthly art fairs summary and other news to make it easier to discover and follow a wide range of interesting artists and exhibitions we would like to share with you. Our Instagram exhibition picks from venues around […]

Ferus Gallery – the artists, curators, and exhibitions – its history

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Ferus Gallery storefront

Exterior view of the Ferus Gallery during the exhibition of Edward Kienholz’s installation Roxy’s, 1962.Photo by William Claxton (1927–2008). Courtesy Demont Photo Management, LLC. Getty Archive. Ferus Gallery The exhibition‘Objects on the New Landscape Demanding of the Eye’, March 15 – April 11, 1957was the inaugural group show at the famous Ferus Gallery.Frank Lobdell, Jay DeFeo, Sonia Gechtoff, Craig Kauffman, Richard Diebenkorn, John Altoon and Clyfford Still were the artists in this show,directed by curator […]