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Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 21, 2013 07:30 pm Jan 25, 2014 Madrid Ivorypress Space Bohnchang Koo



Ivorypress Space

Bohnchang Koo

Slow Talk
Opening Nov 21, 2013 at 07:30 pm
Start date Nov 21, 2013
End date Jan 25, 2014

The exhibition 'Slow Talk' - the first individual show of this photographer in Spain - will be composed of twenty-eight images in which his camera captures serene and fragile moments in which the invisible presence of life is revealed. The selection comprises pieces from six of his most representative series, where white is predominant. This is the case with Portraits of Time, created in 1998. In this series, Koo creates compositions that eliminate the spatial context and do not focus on particular objects but rather on the textures and sensations of a blank wall. "The works shown in this exhibition are the result of an accumulation of personal journeys through the careful observation of nature and myself", explains the artist. "The notable void and emptiness in the images deliver susceptibilities of the mind’s eye to viewers". The exhibition will also include work from his series White and Pencil of Nature, which depict white walls and snow covered ground subtly marked by vegetation. The show, which will be open at Ivorypress until 25 January 2014, performs more recent works from the series Vessel; white porcelain objects captured by a large-format camera and long exposure times in order to reproduce their shape in a delicate and austere way.

BohnChang KOO -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 20, 2013 12:00 am Dec 25, 2013 Tōkyō SCAI THE BATHHOUSE Yusuke Komuta
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Plane_Stealth glide, 2013, acrylic on cotton, 200 x 320 x 5 cm, photo by Nobutada OMOTE | SANDWICH




Yusuke Komuta

Color Unfolds
Opening Nov 20, 2013 at 12:00 am
Start date Nov 20, 2013
End date Dec 25, 2013

Yusuke Komuta (*1986) folds and unfolds paper airplanes and stretches them across canvas, sourcing his pictorial composition from origami paper craft. The paintings reveal unexpected designs drawn from geometric patterns and emphasize each facet as a sensational prism of color. From a figurative handcraft to a flat sheet of paper, the work of Komuta reverses the process of folding and invites the viewer into a kaleidoscopic world of abstraction vivified with rhythmic patterns and pure colors. Komuta’s tableau is composed of hardedge facets, which bring together the architecture of reflective light movements. Symmetrically paired segments of linear pattern structure the confounding disposition of triangular complexities. Intrigued by ‘brilliants,’ gemstones cut with numerous facets to attain maximum vibrancy; the artist assimilates these repetitious and hypnotic jewelry patterns with a pictorial surface. The resulting compositions draw an illustrative map for the interplay of light and shape. The art of abstraction has long provided respective position in which to consider an emotive and spiritual space beyond representational configuration. Inspired by familiar handcraft of origami and turning it into an absent referent, Komuta materializes a field of harmony and geometrical equilibrium as a delightful contribution to the revival of abstraction.

Yusuke Komuta -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 15, 2013 05:30 pm Jan 18, 2014 St. Gallen Galerie Christian Roellin - St.Ga ... Sangallensia V
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Felix Stickel, o.T., 2013, Tusche und Sprühlack auf Papier, 150 x 250 cm


St. Gallen

Galerie Christian Roellin - St.Gallen

Sangallensia V

works on paper
Opening Nov 15, 2013 at 05:30 pm
Start date Nov 16, 2013
End date Jan 18, 2014

Die fünfte Version von 'Sangallensia' widmet sich mit works an paper einer heterogenen Gruppe von Zeichnerinnen und Zeichnern mit Bezug zu St.Gallen. Gäste sind dabei willkommen. Das Thema Zeichnungen bleibt auch im 21. Jahrhundert vielschichtig und ist weder stilistisch noch thematisch leicht zu ordnen, was ohnehin nicht beabsichtigt wird. Funktion und Wertung der Zeichnung sind gegenüber der Malerei vielleicht doch differenzierter und Skizzen und Entwürfe gehören mit einer gewissen Zeitlosigkeit ohne Frage zum Kunstwerk. Wir freuen uns. Sie und ihre Freunde in St.Gallen begrüssen zu dürfen. 'Sangallensia V' is the fifth version of the exhibition series by galerie | christian roellin, which features exclusively artists who demonstrate a close connection to St. Gallen. However, guests are welcome. The previous Sangallensia shows presented the following artists: Andreas Berde, Beni Bischof, Jean-Christophe De Gercq, Felix de la Concha, Alex Hanimann, Manon, Josef Felix Müller, Vera Ida Müller, Roman Signer, Francisco Sierra and Bernard Tagwerker. We look forward to welcoming you and your friends in St.Gallen.

Beni Bischof - Othmar Eder - Vanja Hutter - Josef Felix Müller - Vera Ida Müller - Hans Schweizer - Oliver Stäudlin - Felix Stickel - Birgit Widmer -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 09, 2013 07:00 pm Mar 02, 2014 Essen Museum Folkwang Taryn Simon



Museum Folkwang

Taryn Simon

There Are SomeWho Are in Darkness
Opening Nov 09, 2013 at 07:00 pm
Start date Nov 09, 2013
End date Mar 02, 2014

'Evidence' – this term is a central aspect of the artistic work of Taryn Simon. From diverse angles the American photographer explores the evidential value of photography, its factual power to transform assertions into reality. The young photographer became internationally known in the mid-1990s with her work Innocents, a series of staged portraits of persons unjustly convicted (often social outcasts) in the United States. This view of things was followed up by the images that went to make up An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar: In each we see a certain constellation of things from the most disparate social areas such as science or religion, which act to contradict the American myth of liberty and equal rights. What Taryn Simon’s works all have in common is the fascinating method the photographer employs to illuminate the „Dark Side of Life”, to make visible things previously unseen and to expand the dimension behind the visible using text. As such she represents one of the most important positions of an expanded concept of documentary photographic work. The Olbricht Collection (Essen) possesses an extraordinary set of works from this young oeuvre. A selection of them will be on view from 9 November in the Section "Post-War and Contemporary Art".

Taryn Simon -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 08, 2013 06:00 pm Jan 25, 2014 München Galerie f5,6 Juliane Eirich



Galerie f5,6

Juliane Eirich

Opening Nov 08, 2013 at 06:00 pm
Start date Nov 09, 2013
End date Jan 25, 2014

Galerie f5,6 invites you an your friends to Juliane Eirich's new solo exhibition. On the same occasion Juliane Eirich's book on her work in Japan will be launched: 'Itoshima', by Peperoni Books, Berlin.

Juliane Eirich -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 01, 2013 06:00 pm Dec 07, 2013 Berlin Galerie Barbara Weiss Suse Weber



Galerie Barbara Weiss

Suse Weber

Formel: Congorama#5
Opening Nov 01, 2013 at 06:00 pm
Start date Nov 02, 2013
End date Dec 07, 2013

An assemblage of 15 puppets, a flexible landscape of banners as well various sound modules form part of the new ‘Emblematic sculpture’ Formula:Congorama, which was created during Suse Weber’s stay in Belgium between 2008-2011. In an opera-like format, she formulates a counter-model to more old-fashioned social panoramas, by means such as miniaturizing the audience. After it was first performed in the Troublyen Laboratorium in Antwerp in 2009, three further shows followed in Antwerp and Brussels. For its fifth performance, Suse Weber has now rearranged an image-and sound-composition specifically for the gallery space. It is a further realization of her ‘Emblematic Sculptural’ concept. The Emblematic Sculpture – an assertion, with which the notion of sculpture is newly translated into an adjustable sign- and behavioral system. In 2006 Suse Weber created the first German-Turkish opera at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Since 2008 she has been developing, through performances and exhibitions, the following complex of works: Formula:Societies, Formula:Congorama and Formula:Marionett. Amongst others she has performed or shown at the Martha Herford Museum (2009), the WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels (2009), the Kunsthalle Lingen (2011), as well as in the group show Made in Germany at the Sprengel Museum, Hanover (2012) and in the jubilee exhibition, Ihre Geschichte(n) at the Bonner Kunstverein (2013).

Suse Weber -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 01, 2013 06:00 pm Dec 21, 2013 Venice / Santa Monica Blum & Poe - LA Jim Shaw


Venice / Santa Monica

Blum & Poe - LA

Jim Shaw

Opening Nov 01, 2013 at 06:00 pm
Start date Nov 01, 2013
End date Dec 21, 2013

Blum & Poe is very pleased to present our first solo exhibition with Los Angeles based artist Jim Shaw. Spanning three decades and covering the entire gallery, Shaw's fantastical, humorous, and psychologically laden explorations into esoteric, as well as popular, cultural phenomena coalesce to render a tale of Biblical proportion. Combing historic texts, artworks, comic books, and his dreams, Shaw's flood of imagery is an essential tool in conveying his imagined histories and fables. Rivers, houses, and hair are but a few motifs repeated throughout the exhibition. Seemingly disparate, they mnemonically serve each other in depicting over-arching themes of fallen heroes, collapsed economies, concepts of sin, and general doomsday destruction. No human transition is more extreme than life to death, which Shaw makes prominent in his repetition of ominous water motifs. Enveloping the exhibition space at eighteen by forty feet is the work Mississippi River Mural, an old theater backdrop layered with a frieze of figures painted in illustrative comic style in battle-ready stances. This commanding work is unnervingly static, as if the figures have waited an eternity for their stage queue to the afterlife. Shaw's obsession with the cycle of life and death serves as a basis for the other works in the show.

Jim Shaw -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 01, 2013 05:00 pm Nov 30, 2013 Reykjavík TVEIR HRAFNAR listhús Steinunn Thóra ...




Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir

Opening Nov 01, 2013 at 05:00 pm
Start date Nov 02, 2013
End date Nov 30, 2013

Although figurative her forms have an amorphous quality, a deliberate lack of definition that is emphasized by her choice of materials and the sand casting method that she often employs. They have an anonymous quality, magical alchemical creations that she infuses with life, humanises and sets forth to take their place in the landscape. We, the viewers, respond to this in a way that we cannot with two dimensional works. We should and do engage in a private discourse with such figurative sculpture. Steinunn approves and indeed encourages this interaction. A personal, often tactile, response perhaps serves to confirm to the artist that her creation is vitally charged and not lifeless. Peter Osborne, London Steinunn has worked on figurative sculpture from the beginning of her career but she studied in the UK and Italy. That placed her works apart from her contemporaries and colleagues in the Icelandic visual art scene. Her figures are androgynous symbols of humanity. Her works are organic and explosive in their texture and formation. She uses many different materials to serve the ideas of her works. Steinunn's works have from the start been strongly linked to Icelandic nature. Man's conversation with nature, his surroundings and society are an integral part of her art. Steinum has had numerous solo shows worldwide as well as participated in a number of group exhibitions and art fairs. Steinunn's work is in many important private and public collections worldwide.

Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 31, 2013 06:30 pm Dec 01, 2013 London Ambika P3 Victor Burgin



Ambika P3

Victor Burgin

A Sense of Place
Opening Oct 31, 2013 at 06:30 pm
Start date Nov 01, 2013
End date Dec 01, 2013

This November Ambika P3 presents A Sense of Place, a major exhibition of the work of British artist Victor Burgin. Five recent digital projection pieces are complemented by earlier photo-text works exploring relations between place, memory and image. Victor Burgin first came to prominence in the late 1960s as an originator of Conceptual Art, when his work appeared in such key exhibitions as "When Attitudes Become Form" (1969) and "Information" (1970). He has since remained one of the most consistently influential artists and art theorists of his generation. Victor Burgin´s new work for the Ambika P3 exhibition, "Mirror Lake", is a response to the Seth Peterson Cottage, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1958 in what is now Mirror Lake State Park, Wisconsin. This work shows concurrently with his other new work, "Parzival", commissioned by the Geneva Wagner Festival and installed at the Musée d’Art Modern et Contemporain, Geneva.

Victor Burgin -
David Campany - Michael Mazière -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 29, 2013 06:30 pm Nov 23, 2013 Milano Viafarini DOCVA Urs Lüthi - Ag ...



Viafarini DOCVA

Urs Lüthi - Agne Raceviciute

Opening Oct 29, 2013 at 06:30 pm
Start date Oct 30, 2013
End date Nov 23, 2013

Un serrato dialogo intergenerazionale, carico di filiazioni, equivalenze e isomorfismi. Una corrispondenza biunivoca, un gioco alla pari, un diagramma di transiti e permanenze. Incanalandosi in questi binari, la doppia personale di Urs Lüthi (1947, Kriens, Svizzera) e Agne Raceviciute (1988, Klaipeda, Lituania), rintraccia la storia discreta di un rapporto di stima reciproca tra un’artista emergente di origini lituane e una delle figure tutelari del suo lavoro. Legati da un tessuto di corrispondenze, Lüthi e Raceviciute condividono un medesimo approccio alla fotografia in bianco e nero, prolungata spesso in installazione e scultura, insieme a una fascinazione per l’universo del vestiario e per le figure complementari della maschera e del velo. Una zona di ricerca comune, declinata trasversalmente nel tempo e nella geografia artistica del contemporaneo, in cui l’esplorazione ambivalente dei meccanismi di mimetismo e trasformismo identitario inverte di segno la tradizionale simbolica del ritratto e dell’autoritratto e la ristruttura come approccio ambivalente alla natura morta umana.

Urs Lüthi - Agne Raceviciute -
Simone Frangi -

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