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Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 26, 2013 06:00 pm Oct 26, 2013 New York Klompching Gallery Cara Barer


New York

Klompching Gallery

Cara Barer

Opening Sep 26, 2013 at 06:00 pm
Start date Sep 11, 2013
End date Oct 26, 2013

We are delighted to present the first solo exhibition at Klompching Gallery, featuring the highly popular photographic artworks of Cara Barer. The artist photographs outdated, abandoned and obsolete books, but only after transforming them into sculptural objects of beauty. Coiled and crumpled, they segue into a considered commentary on the changing role of libraries, society's relationship with how it accesses and values knowledge and, in a technology advance world, her work questions the future of the book itself. The photographs are presented as large-scale pigment prints, rich in color and highly detailed, engendering both curiosity and delight. Her work can be firmly placed within the interdisciplinary—new and growing—genre of 'altered books', which started in the 1960's with A Monument: A Treated Victorian Novel by the British artist Tom Phillips.

Cara Barer -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 22, 2013 11:30 am Dec 22, 2013 Hamm Gustav-Lübcke-Museum Uwe Thiergarten




Uwe Thiergarten

Ansichten – Einsichten – Aussichten
Opening Sep 22, 2013 at 11:30 am
Start date Sep 24, 2013
End date Dec 22, 2013

Durch eine Vielzahl an Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen in Nordrhein-Westfalen, aber auch im Ausland wie England oder der Türkei, ist Uwe Thiergarten einem breiten Publikum bekannt. Für seine Präsentation „Ansichten – Einsichten – Aussichten“ hat er eine Auswahl verschiedener Werke zusammengestellt, die sich unterschiedlicher Techniken bedienen. Thiergartens Fotos zeigen zum Beispiel Strandhütten oder Jäger vor fast monochromweißen Hintergründen, während seine sogenannten „Materialbilder“ deutlich bewegter erscheinen. Der Künstler arbeitet dabei häufig mit Naturstoffen oder Alltagsdingen wie Tontöpfen, Gipsformen oder Holzstücken. Dadurch, dass er sie in Kunstwerke integriert, werden sie aus ihren gewohnten Sinnzusammenhängen herausgelöst und erhalten eine neue Bedeutung. Am Beispiel „Stroh“ beschreibt Uwe Thiergarten die Wirkung seiner Bilder folgendermaßen: „Das Stroh bekommt in meinen mit Gaze überzogenen und bemalten Strohbildern eine neue, wichtigere Funktion. Es füllt als dichtes Geflecht die Bildfläche. Es entsteht eine Strukturdichte mit ganz individueller dreidimensionaler Wirkung. Die Transparenz ist bewusst eingesetzt, um den Blick in die Tiefe zu lenken. Je näher man dem Bild kommt, desto mehr schwindet das Malerische und das reale Objekt Stroh tritt in den Vordergrund.“

Uwe Thiergarten -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 21, 2013 07:00 pm Nov 10, 2013 Basel Kunsthalle Basel Leonor Antunes
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Poster, Kunsthalle 2013, Design: Manuel Raeder



Kunsthalle Basel

Leonor Antunes

the last days in chimalistac
Opening Sep 21, 2013 at 07:00 pm
Start date Sep 22, 2013
End date Nov 10, 2013

The exhibition "the last days in chimalistac" at Kunsthalle Basel is the first solo show by Leonor Antunes in Switzerland. The Portuguese-born, Berlin-based artist has used the entire ground floor gallery of the Kunsthalle to present an installation that encompasses a series of sculptural works engaging with the histories of 20th-century architecture, design and art. Antunes frequently takes as her starting point design objects, architectural details and art works belonging to the international Modern Movement. In her own sculptures, these earlier objects are reinterpreted in different materials and may thereby retain their original size or be scaled down. Most of the 20th¬century art works, objects and buildings addressed by Antunes are those that employ the grid as the organizational basis of their architectural volume, design or picture plane. The underlying presence of the grid becomes the most striking common feature of Antunes´s own sculptural pieces. These latter are realized in materials that have a natural or slightly antiquated touch to them, such as rope, wood, leather and brass, and use techniques often borrowed from vernacular traditions of craftsmanship originating from various locations, such as South America, Mexico and Portugal.

Leonor Antunes -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 20, 2013 07:00 pm Nov 09, 2013 Berlin ALEXANDER OCHS PROJECTS YANG SHAOBIN
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Untitled, 2013, Öl auf Leinwand / oil on canvas, 190 x 170 cm / 75 x 67 inch





... 1999
Opening Sep 20, 2013 at 07:00 pm
Start date Sep 21, 2013
End date Nov 09, 2013

The works in this exhibition also explore themes of violence, injustice, and subjugation, as policemen wearing helmets and battle gear as familiar from photographs of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Yang combines depictions of police violence with European motifs of women from early Baroque until the 19th century; the faces that in mannerism express vulnerability become allegories of oppression in the midst of the oppressors. A fighter presents himself in quite a different way, crossing a ´red line´, armed and in a simultaneously defensive and aggressive pose, apparently all-too-resolute. Alexander Ochs showed work by Yang Shaobin for the first time in 1999, hence the title of the exhibition, the same year the artist received great international recognition at the Venice Biennale curated by Harald Szeeman. Yang´s blood-red paintings (in Venice seen alongside the work of Sigmar Polke) were disturbing: They depicted people beaten beyond recognition. Their faces did not reveal realistic exactitude, but a blurry, fluid uncertainty. Yang Shaobin´s work is currently on view at the exhibition Chinese Expressionism in Shanghai Art Museum (China Art Museum) and HOW Art Museum, Wenzhou, China, and the 2013 Sharjah Biennale, United Arab Emirates. In addition, the exhibition Blue Room is currently being shown at Arken Museum in Ilshøj, near Copenhagen.

Shaobin Yang -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 20, 2013 05:00 pm Oct 19, 2013 København Galerie Christoffer Egelund Michael Johansson
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Kitchen Assembly, Mixed media, 0,9 x 0,7 x 0,6 m



Galerie Christoffer Egelund

Michael Johansson

Lines and layers
Opening Sep 20, 2013 at 05:00 pm
Start date Sep 21, 2013
End date Oct 19, 2013

Galleri Christoffer Egelund proudly presents the exhibition Lines and Layers by the Swedish artist Michael Johansson. Lines and layers unfold in the artist´s strict, yet witty, compositions of everyday objects. The exhibition is primarily made out of new pieces that can be divided into two series; every piece constructed from objects found at one of the artist´s many visits at flea markets. Foldable Ladder Assembly Kit – II is one example from the series of 1:1 construction kits. A ladder has been taken apart and the parts put together in a metal frame with strings attached. To strengthen the association with construction kits the pieces has been painted entirely orange. The function of the ladder has been removed to transform the object into art. The same can be said of the other type of artworks presented at the exhibit. Here multiple objects have been stacked together as real life Tetris cubes. Boxes are stacked as a sandwich with an intermediate layer of smaller boxes and containers put together in strict order and thereby impede the originally intended function.

Michael Johansson -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 19, 2013 07:00 pm Nov 24, 2013 Erfurt KUNSTHALLE ERFURT Jessica Backhau ...
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Timeless, 2012, C-Print, 38x58 cm / 15x23 inch




Jessica Backhaus ~ Gisèle Freund

Opening Sep 19, 2013 at 07:00 pm
Start date Sep 20, 2013
End date Nov 24, 2013

The exhibition represents a new presentation format, called “CC - Classic Contemporary”, initiated by the Kunsthalle Erfurt. The exhibition series will kick off with a presentation of works by Gisèle Freund (1908-2000) and Jessica Backhaus (*1970). The two artists met for the first time in Paris in 1992. For Backhaus, it was an encounter of great significance - and not only as a photographer. A special friendship developed between Backhaus, a student at the time, and Freund, the grande dame of photography. Even after the younger photographer moved to New York in 1995, the two remained in regular contact until Freund passed away in 2000. In honour of the 100th anniversary of Freund´s birthday in 2008, Backhaus dedicated a photo series to her esteemed mentor and friend titled “One Day in November” (2005-2008). The series was not so much a classical hommage as it was a quiet, especially poetic gift of photography. Backhaus, who deeply respected and admired Freund, never dared to show any of her works to Freund while she was alive - apart from one photo. In addition to the group of works dedicated to Freund, the Kunsthalle Erfurt will also present other photo series by Jessica Backhaus. The exhibition includes works by Gisèle Freund, chosen by Backhaus together with curator Silke Opitz. The Kunsthalle Erfurt is especially grateful for the numerous loans provided by the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the IMEC Archives in Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe.

Jessica Backhaus - Gisèle Freund -
Silke Opitz -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 19, 2013 07:00 pm Nov 22, 2013 Madrid Galerìa Arnés y Röpke Julie Oppermann
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

p1302. 2013, Acrílico sobre panel de madera/ Acrylic on wood panel, 60 x 50 cm



Galerìa Arnés y Röpke

Julie Oppermann

Opening Sep 19, 2013 at 07:00 pm
Start date Sep 19, 2013
End date Nov 22, 2013

Galería Arnés y Röpke is pleased to present Interface, Julie Oppermann´s first solo exhibition at the gallery. Interface is the culmination of a month-long residency project at Galeria Arnés y Röpke. Julie Oppermann has spent the month of August in Madrid, creating a series of paintings that develop out of a dialog with, and transform the walls and spaces of the gallery. Working directly on the walls as well as on traditional panels, the painted installations will playfully subvert and challenge the viewer´s spatial perceptions and visual reasoning. The tension between real and illusory space, arises at this interface, where different modes of visual reasoning collide.

Julie Oppermann -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 14, 2013 10:30 am Nov 09, 2013 Rugby Rugby Art Gallery and Museum Beyond surface ...
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Julie Cockburn - Viewpoint, 2012. Embroidery on found photograph, 20 x 25.2cm



Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

Beyond surface and material

The meeting point between photography and textiles
Opening Sep 14, 2013 at 10:30 am
Start date Sep 14, 2013
End date Nov 09, 2013

A NEW exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum explores the intriguing connections between photography and textiles. Curated by Birmingham City University's Marlene Little, the exhibition celebrates the long-standing relationship between photography and textiles. The featured artists all have different approaches to fusing the photographic and the textile - whether stitching directly into film or a photograph, collaging photographs on to textile canvases, or developing unique stitched drawings from photographic source materials. The exhibition includes works by UK artists Julie Cockburn, Jess Edwards, Rosie James, and Marlene Little, and pieces by Danish artist Kirstine Roepstorff, Australian Patrick Snelling, and Sissi Farassat from Austria. The exhibition also includes a display of glass plates and photographic images from the Redding Photography Collection. The collection was produced by a local photographer from the 1950s to the 1970s and captures a unique view of Rugby's social history. A number of free family activities run throughout the exhibition, including the chance to dress up in period costume inspired by photographic portraits, and the opportunity to draw and make sheets. The art gallery and museum also joins the Big Draw event on Saturday 12 October, offering visitors the chance to experiment with drawing. The free event runs from 10.30am to 3.30pm. The exhibition is supported by Birmingham, City University.

Julie Cockburn - Jess Edwards - Rosie James - Marlene Little - Kirstine Roepstorff - Patrick Snelling - Sissi Farassat -
Marlene Little -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 13, 2013 07:00 pm Nov 10, 2013 Basel Kunsthalle Basel Allyson Vieira



Kunsthalle Basel

Allyson Vieira

The Plural Present
Opening Sep 13, 2013 at 07:00 pm
Start date Sep 14, 2013
End date Nov 10, 2013

Kunsthalle Basel is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Allyson Vieira in Europe. The exhibition opens on Friday, September 13th, 2013. In the exhibition The Plural Present at Kunsthalle Basel, Vieira is showing sculptures made of simple construction materials such as brick, concrete, metal and plaster. Two collapsing walls of aluminium bars – The Long Walls – determine the choreography and our perception of the gallery space. These establish the direction of movement along the longitudinal walls and at the same time, through their regular matrix, establish visual axes right across the room. Between the walls we encounter the central figural group, Beauty, Mirth, and Abundance. The three female figures in contrapposto are modelled out of bricks and make allusion to the much-copied marble statue group of the Three Graces today housed in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Leaning against the walls of the gallery are pieces from Vieira´s on-going Clads series, begun in 2012. They call to mind antique steles and wall reliefs, geological sediments, or minimalist sculptures such as John McCracken´s monolithic slabs.

Allyson Vieira -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 13, 2013 07:00 pm Nov 02, 2013 Berlin Buchmann Galerie Berlin Raffi Kalenderian
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Jim, 2013, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 90 cm / 47" x 35,5"



Buchmann Galerie Berlin

Raffi Kalenderian

Paint Work
Opening Sep 13, 2013 at 07:00 pm
Start date Sep 14, 2013
End date Nov 02, 2013

The Buchmann Gallery is delighted to announce its first solo show of works by Raffi Kalenderian (*1981, lives in Los Angeles); Kalenderian´s works were first featured by the gallery in the exhibition Crystal World in 2010. Raffi Kalenderian´s pictures show people from his circle of friends whom he portrays in relaxed, everyday poses. The specific situation during the portrait sitting plays an important role in the creative process and it helps to capture the flowing boundary between the physical and the mental world of the person portrayed. Kalenderian emphasises the interior world of the person he paints through the elements he adds to the figure. Wildly flourishing plants can be seen as a metaphor for a spirited, irrepressible personality, and abstract or surreal elements underscore the predominant mood of the picture. Often he shows the model in several poses in a single painting. With this compositional approach he succeeds in capturing multiple emotional states in one picture, and at the same time portrays a sequence of events. The motif of the doppelganger indicates the various facets of the sitter´s personality.

Raffi Kalenderian -

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