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Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Nov 01, 2013 05:00 pm Nov 30, 2013 Reykjavík TVEIR HRAFNAR listhús Steinunn Thóra ...




Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir

Opening Nov 01, 2013 at 05:00 pm
Start date Nov 02, 2013
End date Nov 30, 2013

Although figurative her forms have an amorphous quality, a deliberate lack of definition that is emphasized by her choice of materials and the sand casting method that she often employs. They have an anonymous quality, magical alchemical creations that she infuses with life, humanises and sets forth to take their place in the landscape. We, the viewers, respond to this in a way that we cannot with two dimensional works. We should and do engage in a private discourse with such figurative sculpture. Steinunn approves and indeed encourages this interaction. A personal, often tactile, response perhaps serves to confirm to the artist that her creation is vitally charged and not lifeless. Peter Osborne, London Steinunn has worked on figurative sculpture from the beginning of her career but she studied in the UK and Italy. That placed her works apart from her contemporaries and colleagues in the Icelandic visual art scene. Her figures are androgynous symbols of humanity. Her works are organic and explosive in their texture and formation. She uses many different materials to serve the ideas of her works. Steinunn's works have from the start been strongly linked to Icelandic nature. Man's conversation with nature, his surroundings and society are an integral part of her art. Steinum has had numerous solo shows worldwide as well as participated in a number of group exhibitions and art fairs. Steinunn's work is in many important private and public collections worldwide.

Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 31, 2013 06:30 pm Dec 01, 2013 London Ambika P3 Victor Burgin



Ambika P3

Victor Burgin

A Sense of Place
Opening Oct 31, 2013 at 06:30 pm
Start date Nov 01, 2013
End date Dec 01, 2013

This November Ambika P3 presents A Sense of Place, a major exhibition of the work of British artist Victor Burgin. Five recent digital projection pieces are complemented by earlier photo-text works exploring relations between place, memory and image. Victor Burgin first came to prominence in the late 1960s as an originator of Conceptual Art, when his work appeared in such key exhibitions as "When Attitudes Become Form" (1969) and "Information" (1970). He has since remained one of the most consistently influential artists and art theorists of his generation. Victor Burgin´s new work for the Ambika P3 exhibition, "Mirror Lake", is a response to the Seth Peterson Cottage, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1958 in what is now Mirror Lake State Park, Wisconsin. This work shows concurrently with his other new work, "Parzival", commissioned by the Geneva Wagner Festival and installed at the Musée d’Art Modern et Contemporain, Geneva.

Victor Burgin -
David Campany - Michael Mazière -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 29, 2013 06:30 pm Nov 23, 2013 Milano Viafarini DOCVA Urs Lüthi - Ag ...



Viafarini DOCVA

Urs Lüthi - Agne Raceviciute

Opening Oct 29, 2013 at 06:30 pm
Start date Oct 30, 2013
End date Nov 23, 2013

Un serrato dialogo intergenerazionale, carico di filiazioni, equivalenze e isomorfismi. Una corrispondenza biunivoca, un gioco alla pari, un diagramma di transiti e permanenze. Incanalandosi in questi binari, la doppia personale di Urs Lüthi (1947, Kriens, Svizzera) e Agne Raceviciute (1988, Klaipeda, Lituania), rintraccia la storia discreta di un rapporto di stima reciproca tra un’artista emergente di origini lituane e una delle figure tutelari del suo lavoro. Legati da un tessuto di corrispondenze, Lüthi e Raceviciute condividono un medesimo approccio alla fotografia in bianco e nero, prolungata spesso in installazione e scultura, insieme a una fascinazione per l’universo del vestiario e per le figure complementari della maschera e del velo. Una zona di ricerca comune, declinata trasversalmente nel tempo e nella geografia artistica del contemporaneo, in cui l’esplorazione ambivalente dei meccanismi di mimetismo e trasformismo identitario inverte di segno la tradizionale simbolica del ritratto e dell’autoritratto e la ristruttura come approccio ambivalente alla natura morta umana.

Urs Lüthi - Agne Raceviciute -
Simone Frangi -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 26, 2013 07:00 pm Feb 23, 2014 Bremen Weserburg | Museum für moderne K ... Werner Büttner
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Die Probleme des Minigolfs in der europäischen Malerei Nr. 4, 1982, Öl auf Leinwand, 150 x 120 cm, Privatsammlung (courtesy Galerie Max Hetzler) © Werner Büttner, Foto: Harro Wolter



Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst

Werner Büttner

Gemeine Wahrheiten
Opening Oct 26, 2013 at 07:00 pm
Start date Oct 27, 2013
End date Feb 23, 2014

Mit der Retrospektive „Werner Büttner. Gemeine Wahrheiten“ zeigt die Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst die bislang umfangreichste Schau mit Werken des Hamburger Künstlers Werner Büttner. Zusammen mit Martin Kippenberger und Albert Oehlen prägte er seit den frühen 1980er-Jahren nachhaltig die europäische Kunstszene. Bilder, Zeichnungen, Collagen und Skulpturen zeugen von Büttners Einfallsreichtum, Ironie aber auch beißendem Spott gegenüber den gesellschaftlichen Realitäten. Die Ausstellung hebt die Bedeutung von Werner Büttner in Bezug auf die Entwicklung der deutschen Malerei im ausgehenden 20. Jahrhundert hervor, die er maßgeblich mit beeinflusst hat und stellt ihn als eine ihrer zentralen Figuren und Vordenker dar. Die rund 300 Bilder, Zeichnungen, Collagen und Skulpturen der Ausstellung geben einen umfassenden Einblick in die dekonstruierende Arbeitsweise Büttners und lassen seine Kreativität und Eigenständigkeit hervor treten. Zur Ausstellung erscheint im Verlag Hatje Cantz eine Publikation, hg. v. Peter Weibel und Andreas Beitin

Werner Büttner -
Peter Weibel - Andreas F. Beitin -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 26, 2013 02:00 pm Feb 08, 2014 L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Campredon - Centre d'Art Robert Doisneau



Campredon - Centre d'Art

Robert Doisneau

From Art to Craft - Palm Springs, 1960
Opening Oct 26, 2013 at 02:00 pm
Start date Oct 26, 2013
End date Feb 08, 2014

The Campredon Centre d'Art in Isle sur la Sorge, near Avignon, France, hosts the exhibition "From Art to Craft. Palm Springs, 1960" by the photographer Robert Doisneau, presenting hundreds of black and white images, many of them not shown before in public, together with documents, magazines and personal objects of the author selected by his daughter and the responsibles of his workshop. Besides these images, the exhibition shows additional 50 color photographs from the book "Palm Springs", taken by Doisneau in 1960 commissioned by Fortune magazine and that still had not been exposed. This extensive selection, further enriched with personal documents and testimonies lovingly collected by the photographer’s daughter, provides us with an updated critical rereading, showing us how the apparent spontaneous beauty of his images was, in actual fact, the fruit of considerable work. Robert Doisneau is one of the most important representatives of humanistic photography. For many years he has been looked upon as the minstrel of picturesque Paris, with a charming eye and a unique sense of the unexpected visual anecdote. As a result he has been championed as a poet of the "pure" moment. However, Doisneau's oeuvre is much deeper and complex than that reputation suggests. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with diChroma photography, Madrid. Catalogue " Palm Springs, 1960" by Flammarion, catalogue From Craft to Art by Steidl&Partner.

Robert Doisneau -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 25, 2013 08:00 pm Oct 31, 2013 Berlin Lab for Electronic Arts and Perfo ... HR-Stamenov



Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance - LEAP


The Phenomenon of W24°58’59,43″ N42°07’55,29″
Opening Oct 25, 2013 at 08:00 pm
Start date Oct 25, 2013
End date Oct 31, 2013

A ghost metro train, which has already been all around Europe, appears in Berlin. It ignores physics, gaps between buildings, space and time. Based on a light phenomenon, “the light Hole”, the ghost metro train turns into a travelling myth, which constitutes itself upon its loose artifacts, collected on the way. The train becomes an artifact itself, as it could appear at any public space―unpredictably, unable to be tracked by route or starting point. HR-Stamenov suggests a light spectacle, as a train literally “appears” inside a building, leaving passers-by unknowing of what they have just seen. The immediate attention, which the media installation produces, serves as an illustration of a rather nostalgic gesture, the fascination of observing a train passing by at times when this occurrence is rare sight. Similarly, it illustrates a spectacle in public space, as it transforms a three-dimensional object―such as a train―into a screen-based visual phenomenon. It is the size, the picture and the sound of a real train; it be-comes a screen, a motion picture, a blinking advertising sign. Located in the center of Berlin―at the LEAP venue on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße at Alexanderplatz―the Ghost Train is also in con¬stant reference to its original symbolic context. Every couple of minutes a train passes through or stops at the central city station (Alexanderplatz) which the glass-façade of the installation points at.

HR-Stamenov -
Sandra Moskova -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 24, 2013 06:00 pm Dec 18, 2013 Zürich Galerie Susanna Kulli Silvie & Chéri ...



Galerie Susanna Kulli

Silvie & Chérif Defraoui

ROOMS (Lieux de mémoire VI) 1976–2003
Opening Oct 24, 2013 at 06:00 pm
Start date Oct 25, 2013
End date Dec 18, 2013

From its beginnings in 1975 to the present, the work of Silvie & Chérif Defraoui has engendered a historical and artistic body that forms an integral element of what we call, with a generalizing term, the art of the 1970s. Their multifaceted oeuvre from this period presents unexpected artistic forms, often involving materials and themes, objects and techniques, that were unheard of at the time. The entire series, which brought the Defraouis international renown, is collectively titled Archives du Futur. All pieces relate to this key concept, which synthesizes or questions a totality of space and time. With Rooms (Lieux de mémoire VI) (1976–2003), Galerie Susanna Kulli now revisits a set of works Silvie & Chérif Defraoui created together in the 1970s. In these large-format photographs, a superimposition takes place on the level of image, architecture, and writing: “The order of architecture determines the narrative, and the projections that build up in the place restore to it a diaphanous and contradictory memory. In the painted words, space fades into the photographic image,” the artists write.

Silvie Defraoui -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 19, 2013 06:00 pm Nov 30, 2013 Kaiserslautern Galerie Wack Wolfgang Nestler
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Frucht von einem Wunderbaum, 2013, Holz, gedrechselt, 92 x 24 x 24 cm (HxWxD), Foto von Ludwig Hartmann



Galerie Wack

Wolfgang Nestler

Frucht von einem Wunderbaum
Opening Oct 19, 2013 at 06:00 pm
Start date Oct 22, 2013
End date Nov 30, 2013

Am Anfang des Prozesses, dessen Ergebnis die Arbeiten dieser Ausstellung bilden, stand eine Schatzsuche wie aus Kindheitstagen: Der emeritierte Kunstprofessor Wolfgang Nestler sammelte – während eines Sommerurlaubs in diesem Jahr auf Sardinien – Baumblätter, er presste sie in Bücher, er zeichnete sie. Diese Reduktion auf Einfachheit ließ Inspiration entstehen, eine Entfaltung in Dimensionen. Nestler experimentierte mit der Idee, das Blatt eines Baumes, gefunden in der Natur und transformiert durch die Zeichnung, erkannt in seiner Besonderheit und zugleich als Spiegel des Ganzen, durch ein Drehen um die Mittelachse zum Körper werden zu lassen. Als Material wählte Nestler Holz und schrieb damit ein neues Kapitel in seiner Künstler-biographie, die doch dominiert ist von der Auseinandersetzung mit Eisen und Stahl. Vom Baumblatt als einziger Vorlage hat sich Nestler dabei schon distanziert und lässt auch Gegenstände des Alltags zum Modell werden. Wolfgang Nestler war Meisterschüler von Erwin Heerich an der Staatlichen Kunstakademie Düsseldorf und 18 Jahre Professor für Plastik und Bildhauerei an der Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, Saarbrücken, er wurde vielfach ausgezeichnet, seine Arbeiten sind in zahlreichen bedeutenden Sammlungen wie der Natonalgalerie Berlin, dem Kunstmuseum Bonn, dem Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf oder der Kunsthalle Mannheim sowie im öffentlichen Raum. Text Claudia Küpper (Auszug)

Wolfgang Nestler -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 13, 2013 11:00 am Feb 23, 2014 Bad Homburg v.d.H. Sinclair-Haus - ALTANA Kultursti ... STILL BEWEGT
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Videostill von Ori Gersht, Pomegranate, 2007, 3:52 min, HD digital film, © Ori Gersht


Bad Homburg v.d.H.

Sinclair-Haus - ALTANA Kulturstiftung


Videokunst und Alte Meister
Opening Oct 13, 2013 at 11:00 am
Start date Oct 13, 2013
End date Feb 23, 2014

Das Stillleben ist eine Bilderfindung, in der Objekte der Natur und des alltäglichen Lebens in verführerischer Schönheit erfasst und wiedergegeben werden. Zugleich beinhaltet das Stillleben über das Dargestellte hinaus stets eine verschlüsselte Botschaft. Zwischen der dinglichen Opulenz, die die Freuden und Genüsse des Lebens vor Augen führt, und dem Hinweis auf die Vergänglichkeit liegt die ganze Tragweite des Motivs. Deutlich wird: Natur ist unaufhaltsame Metamorphose, ein ewiger Kreislauf von Werden und Blüte, Vergehen und Tod. Die Ausstellung "Still bewegt" setzt in 21 Filmen von 9 Künstlern die traditionelle Gattung gleichsam "in Bewegung". In den vergangenen 13 Jahren entstanden, erweisen sich diese Videos als ein bislang nicht gezeigtes Kompendium von beeindruckender Dichte. Alle Künstler beziehen sich in ihren Filmen letztendlich auf die Stillleben der Alten Meister, also auf die „reinen“ Ursprungsmotive. Entsprechend geschieht dies nicht mittelbar durch einen vergleichenden Blick auf Stillleben des 19. oder 20. Jahrhunderts, sondern durch die Hinzunahme früher Stillleben vor allem des 17. Jahrhunderts, etwa von Gerrit Willemsz. Heda, Frans Snyders, Georg Flegel oder Abraham Mignon. Dabei setzt die Ausstellung die malerische und motivische Innovation dieser großen Stilllebenepoche mit den avantgardistischen Ausdrucksformen des Films in Relation.

Christoph Brech - Gabriella Gerosa - Ori Gersht - Pia Maria Martin - Stefanie Pöllot - Agnieszka Polska - Sam Taylor-Johnson - Wouter Verhoeven - Arnold von Wedemeyer -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Oct 12, 2013 11:00 am Feb 02, 2014 Wakefield Yorkshire Sculpture Park Amar Kanwar
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

The Scene of the Crime, 2010. Courtesy the artist. Photo Henrik Stromberg



Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Amar Kanwar

The Sovereign Forest
Opening Oct 12, 2013 at 11:00 am
Start date Oct 12, 2013
End date Feb 02, 2014

"The Sovereign Forest" is an enquiry into an understanding of crime, politics, human rights and ecology in a constellation of moving and still images, texts, books, pamphlets, objects, and seeds. Artist and social activist, Amar Kanwar is renowned for his compelling and meditative filmic essays, which evolve from documentary practice and explore the political, social, economic and ecological conditions of the Indian subcontinent. His multimedia works question the validity of historical ‘facts’ without human stories and poetry becomes a subtle but powerful force. Having journeyed through distress and dislocation, the works of "The Sovereign Forest" frequently return to the natural world and the implication of its ability to nurture and heal. Kanwar points to possible routes by which we can navigate. The exhibition debuts a new element of "The Sovereign Forest" and a commission by the artist especially for YSP. "The Listening Benches" are Kanwar’s first sculptural objects for the open air, sited around YSP’s Bothy Garden, a place for rest, pause and contemplation overlooking the 18th century Bretton Estate.

Amar Kanwar -

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