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Fagus-Galerie im UNESCO-Welterbe Fagus-Werk

Wolfgang Bartels

Between Mysticism and Abstraction
Opening Jul 07, 2013 at 11:00 am
Start date Jul 08, 2013
End date Aug 30, 2013

Photographer Wolfgang Bartels, born in 1948 in Hannover, Germany, shows his work "Between Mysticism and Abstraction" in the Fagus-Gallery in UNESCO World Heritage Fagus-Works in Alfeld (Leine), Germany. His sensitive pictures, worked out in decades, developed to be an affair of the heart. Bartels does not only expose things and situations, but is looking for enigmatic moods, conveys a third dimension which evokes emotion, touches mysticism and - or abstraction, suggests mysterious situations, which do not open up at first sight, often puts the question of being, goes into metaphysics, touches lyrically or poetically - or transports spiritual aspects. Both leads through his photographic work like a red thread. So he began an intensive research with the music and life of the great mystic and probably most important composer of all times, Johann Sebastian Bach. Bartels´s striving for abstraction expresses in leaving out redundant picture elements to reduce to the essential, "to get rid of the gossip", as the great photographer Robert Häusser would express, who sees in Bartels´s pictures a kinship to his work.

Wolfgang Bartels -

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Wolfgang Bartels
 - Zwischen Mystik und Abstraktion / Between Mysticism and Abstraction

Bartels, Wolfgang (*1948) S Jul 2013 - Aug 2013   (4) +0