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Swiss Painter

Swiss Painter

Hermann Huber, (born 13 September 1888 in Wiedikon , died December 9, 1967 in Hirzel ) was a Swiss painter and graphic artist . Her attended school in Wiedikon where he met his future artist colleague Reinhold Kündig in 1900, who married his sister Hedi in 1916. At the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich he made friends with Otto Meyer (Otto Meyer-Amden). After living in Düsseldorf , Berlin, and Munich, and his first sales of his own etchings , he went to Rome with Kündig in 1908 and Jan Verkade (Willibrord Verkade) to Jerusalem , where he worked on the painting of the Dormitio Abbey . Back in Zurich, he exhibited his paintings from Palestine and had a joint exhibition with Kündig, Victor Schulte and Eduard Bick at the Zurich Kunsthaus . In 1911 he became a member of the avant-garde association Der Moderne Bund, founded by Hans Arp , Werner Helbig and Oskar Lüthy . He exhibited at the Berlin Secession in 1911, 1912 and 1918; he was also represented at the special exhibition in Cologne in 1912 . 1912/13 he stayed with Willi Baumeister and Meyer in Amden , Meyer stayed there until 1928. In 1913 Herwarth Walden showed three oil paintings and eleven etchings at the First German Autumn Salon in Berlin. In 1914, he was one of the 24 artists represented by Adolf Hölzel in the so-called “Expressionist Hall” within the framework of the large Stuttgart art exhibition of the Association of Friends of Art in the Rhine Lands. In 1914 he married Eveline Grisebach, a cousin of the philosopher Eberhard Grisebach , whom he had met in 1913 with Cuno Amiet . In 1915, Huber turned away from the expressionistic pictorial language. Bruno Cassirer conducted a solo exhibition in Berlin in 1923. Already in 1924, a monograph on the artist, 36 years old, was published by Hans Trog , the art critic of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung , and Curt Glaser , the Berlin art critic. In 1932/33 he housed the deathly ill Meyer-Amden with him on the peninsula Au . From 1933 he lived retired in Sihlbrugg.

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Reinhold Kündig (11)- 24
Paul Bodmer (9)- 19
Wilhelm Gimmi [Gimmy] (9)- 88
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Exhibition Title

Expressionismus Schweiz

Kunst Museum Winterthur G Jul 2021 - Jan 2022 Winterthur (161) +1
Lutz, Andrea (Curator)       +0
Schmidhauser, David (Curator)       +0
Exhibition Title

Der Moderne Bund

Kunstmuseum Luzern G Aug 2011 - Nov 2011 Luzern (511) +1
Lichtin, Christoph (Curator)       +0
Exhibition Title

Schweizer Meister

 - Die Sammlungsausstellung zum 75 Jahr-Jubiläum der Bernhard Eglin Stiftung
Kunstmuseum Luzern G May 2008 - Oct 2008 Luzern (511) +1
Exhibition Title

Berge, Blicke, Belvedere

 - Kunst in der Schweiz von der Aufklärung bis zur Moderne aus dem Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau
SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt G Mar 1997 - Jun 1997 Frankfurt am Main (227) +0
Wismer, Beat (Curator)       +0
Kunz, Stephan (Curator)       +0
Exhibition Title

Hermann Huber

 - Retrospektive
Aargauer Kunsthaus S Aug 1979 - Sep 1979 Aarau (103) +2
Exhibition Title

Realismus in der Malerei der 20er Jahre

Frankfurter Kunstverein - FKV G Dec 1968 - Feb 1969 Frankfurt am Main (462) +0
Rathke, Ewald (Curator)       +0
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