Artist | Jo Baer (*1929)

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Oct 18, 2014 07:00 pm Jun 14, 2015 Frankfurt am Main Tower - MMK Boom She Boom
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Isa Genzken, Oil XV & Oil XVI, 2007, Museum für Moderne Kunst. Photo: Axel Schneider © Isa Genzken / Galerie Daniel Buchholz


Frankfurt am Main

Tower - MMK

Boom She Boom
Works from the MMK Collection
Opening Oct 18, 2014 at 07:00 pm
Start date Oct 19, 2014
End date Jun 14, 2015

The first exhibition at the MMK 2 – "Boom She Boom: Works from the MMK Collection" is devoted to women artists in the MMK collection. Among Germany’s contemporary art museums, the MMK is unique in that, from its founding in 1991 to the present, it has directed special attention to the strong contributions of women artists of the past decades. A survey of the purchases made over the past years strikingly mirrors the fact that women artists account for a very large number of the MMK collection’s recent acquisitions. Major works by Vanessa Beecroft, Rineke Dijkstra, Teresa Margolles, Sarah Morris, Taryn Simon and others mark significant expansions of the collection, which more recently has been enhanced with workgroups by women presently in the limelight of the international art world, for example Andrea Büttner, Jewyo Rhij, Dayanita Singh and Dolores Zinny. From the beginning, the MMK has also devoted itself to the Frankfurt art scene, and here as well the museum’s holdings are enriched by such individualist and radical perspectives as that of Anne Imhof, Franziska Kneidl and Adrian Williams. The exhibition title “Boom She Boom” quotes the sensationally successful doo-wop song of 1954 by the Chords, which has undergone many reinterpretations since that time.

Jo Baer - Vanessa Beecroft - Shannon Bool - Andrea Büttner - Vija Celmins - Hanne Darboven - Rineke Dijkstra - Marlène Dumas - Parastou Forouhar - Katharina Fritsch - Isa Genzken - Tamara Grčić - Bethan Huws - Anne Imhof - Barbara Klemm - Eva Kotátková - Franziska Kneidl - Teresa Margolles - Sarah Morris - Cady Noland - Anja Niedringhaus - Christa Näher - Charlotte Posenenske - Jewyo Rhii - Taryn Simon - [Elaine Frances Sturtevant] Sturtevant - Rosemarie Trockel - Adrian Williams -
Susanne Gaensheimer - Peter Gorschlüter -

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Exhibition History

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Exhibitions in artist-info 63 (S 17/ G 46) Did show together with - Top 5 of 682 artists
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Agnes Martin (19)- 171
Robert Peter Mangold (18)- 170
Robert Ryman (18)- 185
Dan Flavin (16)- 331
Donald Judd (16)- 376
Exhibitions by type
63:   22 / 30 / 10 / 1
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49:   14 / 25 / 9 / 1
Curators 31
artist-info records Mar 1964 - Aug 2017
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New York (20)
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Galerie Rolf Ricke (6)
Paula Cooper Gallery (3)
Museum of Modern Art - MoMA (1/7) (2)
Galerie Paul Andriesse (2)
Museum Wiesbaden (2)
Curators (no. of shows) Top 5 of 31
Katy Siegel(2), Dan Flavin(1), Lisa Dennison(1), Rolf Ricke(1), Samuel Wagstaff(1)
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Making Space

 - Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction
Museum of Modern Art - MoMA (2/7) G Apr 2017 - Aug 2017 New York (139) +0
Figura, Starr (Curator)       +0
Meister, Sarah Hermanson (Curator)       +0
Reder, Hillary (Curator)       +0
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Primary Structures

 - Meisterwerke der Minimal Art
Tower - MMK G Feb 2017 - May 2017 Frankfurt am Main (6) +0
Kramer, Mario (Curator)       +0
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America Is Hard to See

Whitney Museum of American Art - America Is Hard to See S May 2015 - Sep 2015 New York (1) +0
De Salvo, Donna (Curator)       +0
Foster, Carter E. (Curator)       +0
Miller, Dana (Curator)       +0
Rothkopf, Scott (Curator)       +0
Camden Arts Centre S Apr 2015 - Jun 2015 London (104) +0
Mitchell-Innes & Nash - Chelsea G Dec 2014 - Jan 2015 New York (21) +0
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Boom She Boom

 - Werke aus der Sammlung
Tower - MMK G Oct 2014 - Jun 2015 Frankfurt am Main (6) +0
Gaensheimer, Susanne (Curator)       +0
Gorschlüter, Peter (Curator)       +0
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