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Jiří David, Louise Bourgeois (diptych), 1993-1995

New York

Thomas Erben Gallery

Middle European Mysticism

Juraj Bartusz, Jiří David, Viktoria Langer, Štefan Papčo and Jitka Válová
Opening Jan 09, 2020 at 06:00 pm
Start date Jan 09, 2020
End date Feb 08, 2020

Art production out of Eastern Europe had its moment after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when Western audiences flocked to Prague and other gateway points of the former Soviet Empire, hoping to experience the world behind the Iron Curtain before its inevitable adaption to the prevailing political system. Art from the region was shown widely at international exhibitions, providing a breath of fresh air while being displayed as newly discovered and captured trophies. Now, thirty years later, contemporary art practices originating in the former East are gaining new confidence and empowerment. Middle European Mysticism proposes a comparison between the work of selected Slovak and Czech artists from different generations, with a focus on the element of mysticism permeating these artists’ works, in media ranging from painting and drawing to photography, sculpture and video.

Juraj Bartusz - Jiří David - Viktoria Langer - Štefan Papčo - Jitka Válová -

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Exhibition Title

Middle European Mysticism

Bartusz, Juraj (*1933) G Jan 2020 - Feb 2020   (1) +0
David, Jiří (*1956) G   (19) +0
Langer, Viktoria (*1988) G   (1) +0
Papčo, Štefan (*1983) G   (2) +0
Válová, Jitka (1922 - 2011) G   (2) +0