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    • Sean Scully

      Large Mirror III1998
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      Small Mirror1998
    • Sean Scully

    • Sean Scully

    • Sean Scully

      Five Unions1996



1945 Born in Dublin, Ireland
1949 Family moved to London
1965 - 68 Croydon College of Art, London
1968 - 72 Newcastle University, England
1972 - 73 Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
1973 - 75 Taught at Chelsea School of Art and Goldsmiths' School of Art, London
1975 Moved to the United States
1977 - 83 Taught at Princeton University, New Jersey
1983 Received Guggenheim Fellowship
1983 Became American Citizen
1983 Received Artist's Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts
1990 Monograph published by Hudson Hills Press, New York
1992 Revisited Morocco in December to make a film on Matisse for the BBC
1992 Joined the Galerie Bernd Kluser, Munich and Waddington Galleries, London
1993 First exhibition of the Catherine Paintings in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas
1994 Made first paintings in new studio in Barcelona in the summer
1995 Participated in the Joseph Beuys Lectures, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University, Oxford, England
1998 Participates in a colloquium held in conjunction with the exhibition "Richard Pousette-Dart (1916-1992)" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Solo Exhibitions (selection)

Solo Exhibitions (selection)

1973 Rowan Gallery, London
1975 Rowan Gallery, London
1975 Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, California
1976 Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, California
1977 Duffy -Gibbs Gallery, New York
1977 Rowan Gallery, London
1979 Nadin Gallery, New York (special installation: Painting for One Place)
1979 Rowan Gallery, London
1979 The Clocktower, New York
1980 Susan Caldwell Gallery, New York
1981 Rowan Gallery, London
1981 Museum fur (Sub-) Kultur, Berlin
1981 *Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, England: 'Sean Scully: Paintings
1971 - 1981 Travelling exhibition under the auspices of the Arts Council of Great Britain. Travelled to: Sunderland Arts Centre, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin; Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast; Warwick Arts Trust, London
1981 McIntosh-Drysdale Gallery, Washington D.C.
1982 William Beadleston Gallery, New York
1983 David McKee Gallery, New York
1984 Juda Rowan Gallery, London
1984 Galery S65, Aalst, Belgium
1985 David McKee Gallery, New York
1985 *Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA (Exhibition travelled to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts)
1985 Drawings, Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA.
1985 Galerie Schmela, Dusseldorf, Germany
1986 *David McKee Gallery, New York
1987 *Monotypes, Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA.
1987 Monotypes, David McKee Gallery, New York
1987 Monotypes, Douglas Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, MN
1987 *Mayor Rowan Gallery, London
1987 *Galerie Schmela, Dusseldorf, Germany
1988 *Four Paintings at the Art Institute, Chicago
1988 Four Paintings at Matrix/Berkeley University Art Museum
1988 *Fuji Television Gallery, Tokyo
1988 Crown Point Press, New York and San Francisco (Prints)
1989 *David McKee Gallery, New York
1989 *The Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, May (travelled to Palacio Velazquez, Madrid; Lenbachhaus, Munich)
1989 - 90 Pastel Drawings, Grob Gallery, London
1990 Karsten Greve Gallery, Cologne
1990 *Galerie de France, Paris
1990 *McKee Gallery, New York
1991 *Paintings and Works on Paper, Jamileh Weber Gallery, Zurich
1992 Prints, Weinberger Gallery, Copenhagen
1992 Woodcuts, Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, New York
1992 Prints and Related Work, Brooke Alexander Editions, New York
1992 Woodcuts, Bobbie Greenfield Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
1992 Woodcuts, Stephen Solovy Fine Art, Chicago, Il.
1992 Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
1992 The Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
1992 *Waddington Galleries, London
1993 Mary Boone Gallery, New York
1993 *Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
1993 Waddington Galleries, London
1993 *Bernd Kluser Galerie, Munich, Germany
1994 *Fuji Television Gallery, Tokyo
1994 Knoedler and Company, New York
1994 vButler Gallery, Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland
1994 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
1994 *Galleria Gian Ferrari Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy
1995 *Galeria El Diario Vasco, San Sebastian, Spain
1995 *Galerie de l'Ancien College, Chatellerault, France
1995 *Waddington Galleries, London
1995 Mary Boone Gallery, New York
1995 *Bernd Kluser Galerie, Munich, Germany
1995 *'Sean Scully: Twenty Years', Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC (Travelled to High
1995 Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA., and La Caixa des Pensiones, Barcelona)
1995 Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt.
1995 *'Catherine Paintings', Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi, Belgium. (Travelled to Kunsthalle Bielefeld)
1996 Casino, Luxembourg
1996 *Edicions T, Barcelona
1996 *'Floating Paintings, Paintings and Work on Paper', Galerie National de Jeu de Paume, Paris; travelled to Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz, Linz, Austria; Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal, 1997
1996 *'Paintings and Work on Paper', Galeria Arte Moderna, Villa delle Rose, Bologna
1996 *Galeria Carles Tache, Barcelona
1996 'Pastels', Galerie Lelong, New York
1996 'Prints', Galerie Angelika Harthan, Stuttgart
1996 *'Works on Paper 1975-1996', Graphische Sammlung, Munich. Travelled to Museum Folkwang, Essen;
1996 Henie-Onstadt Museum, Hovikodden, Norway,
1997; Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester; Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Art, Dublin; Herning Kunstmuseum, Denmark,1998; Milwaukee Art Museum, 1998; Denver Art Museum; Albert-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York.
1997 'Seven Unions', Timothy Taylor Gallery, London
1997 *'Sean Scully Paintings', Sala de Exposiciones Rekalde, Bilbao. Travelling to Salas del Palacio Episcopal, Plaza del Obispo, Malaga; Fundacio la Caixa, Palma de Mallorca
1997 *'Sean Scully 1987-1996', Manchester City Art Gallery, Manchester
1997 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
1997 *'Floating Paintings and Photographs', Galerie Lelong, Paris
1997 *Galeria DV, San Sebastian, Spain
1997 Mary Boone Gallery, New York
1997 Jamileh Weber Gallery, Zurich
1997 John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco
1998 Galerie Bernd Klüser, Munich
1998 Bawag Foundation, Vienna
1998 Galerie Haas & Fuchs, Berlin
1998 Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
1998 'Mirror Images', Timothy Taylor Gallery, London

Group Exhibitions (selection)

Group Exhibitions (selection)

1969 Northern Young Contemporaries, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
1970 London Young Contemporaries, travelling exhibition, Arts Council of Great Britain
1971 Art Spectrum North, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; City Art Gallery, Leeds; Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
1972 John Moore's Liverpool Exhibition 8 (prizewinner)
1972 Northern Young Painters, Stirling University, Scotland
1973 *La Peinture Anglaise Aujourd'hui, Museum of Modern Art, Paris
1973 Critics' Choice, Gulbenkian Gallery, Newcastle, England
1974 International Biennale of Art, Menton, France
1974 British Painting, Hayward Art Gallery, London
1975 Contemporary Art Society, Art Fair, London
1976 Invitational, John Weber Gallery, New York
1977 Four Artists, Nobe Gallery, New York
1977 Rowan Gallery, London
1978 Certain Traditions, travelling exhibition, Canada
1979 New Wave Painting, The Clocktower, New York
1979 Fourteen Painters, Lehman College, New York
1979 First Exhibition, Toni Birkhead Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.
1980 Marking Black, Bronx Museum of Art, NY.
1980 New Directions, Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ.
1981 Arabia Felix, curated by William Zimmer, Art Galaxy Gallery, NY.
1981 New Directions, curated by Sam Hunter, Sidney Janis Gallery, New York
1982 Recent Aspects of All-Over, curated by Theodore Bonin, Harm Boukaert Gallery, New York
1982 Abstract Painting, Jersey City Museum, NJ, curated by William Zimmer
1983 American Abstract Artists, national touring exhibition
1983 Nocturne, Siegel Contemporary Art, New York
1983 *Contemporary Abstract Painting, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA.
1984 *An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art, New York
1984 Part 1: Twelve Abstract Painters, Siegel Contemporary Art, New York
1984 ROSC, The Guinness Hops Store, Dublin
1984 Currents #6, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI.
1984 Small Works: New Abstract Painting, Lafayette College and Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
1984 Hassam & Speicher Purchase Fund Exhibition, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York
1985 Painting 1985, Pam Adler Gallery, New York
1985 *Abstract Painting as Surface and Object, Hillwood Art Gallery, C.W. Post Center, Long Island University, Greenvale,NY.
1985 An Invitational, Condeso/Lawler Gallery, New York (curated by Tiffany Bell)
1985 Decade of Visual Arts at Princeton: Faculty 1975-85, Princeton University Museum of Art, NJ
1985 Abstraction/Issues, 3 gallery show at Tibor de Nagy, Oscarsson Hood, Sherry French, New York
1985 Art on Paper, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, NC
1985 *Masterpieces of the Avant-Garde, Annely Juda FineArt/Juda
1985 Rowan Gallery, London
1986 After Matisse, travelling exhibition organized by Independent Curators Inc.
1986 *An American Renaissance in Art: Painting and Sculpture since 1940, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Fine Art, FL.
1986 *Public and Private: American Prints Today, Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York
1986 Sean Scully and Catherine Lee, Paul Cava Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.
1986 Cal Collects I, University Art Museum, University of California, Berkeley, CA.
1986 The Heroic Sublime, Charles Cowles Gallery, New York
1986 Structure/Abstraction, Hill Gallery, Birmingham, MI, courtesy
1986 David McKee, Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, Santa Barbara. CA.
1986 Detroiters Collect: New Generation, Meadow Brook Art Gallery, Oakland University, Rochester, MI.
1986 Recent Acquisitions, Contemporary Arts Center, Honolulu, HI.
1987 *Corcoran Biennial, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.
1987 *Harvey Quaytman & Sean Scully, Helsinki Festival, Finland
1987 Drawing from the 80's - Chatsworth Collaboration, Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
1987 *Drawn-Out, Kansas City Art Institute, MO.
1987 *Magic in the Mind's Eye: Part I & II. Meadow Brook Art Gallery, Rochester, MI.
1987 - 88 Logical Foundations, Pfizer Inc., New York, Winter, curated by the Advisory Service, Museum of Modern Art, New York
1987 Works on Paper, Nina Freundenheim Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
1988 17 Years at the Barn, Rosa Esman Gallery, New York
1988 Works on Paper: Selections from the Garner Tullis Workshop, Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, New York
1988 New Additions, Crown Point Press, San Francisco and New York
1988 *Sightings Drawing with Color, Pratt Institute, New York (travelling exhibition)
1989 The Elusive Surface, The Albuquerque Museum, New Mexico
1989 Drawings and Related Prints, Castelli Graphics, New York
1989 Essential Painting, Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Kansas
1989 *The 1980's: Prints from the Collection of Joshua P. Smith, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
1990 *Drawings:Joseph Beuys, Paul Rotterdam, Sean Scully, Arnold Herstand & Company, New York
1990 Anthony Ralph Gallery, New York
1990 *Sean Scully/Donald Sultan: Abstraction/Representation, Stanford Art Gallery, Stanford University, CA.
1990 Geometric Abstraction, Marc Richards Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
1990 *Artistvs in the Abstract, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1991 Small Format Works on Paper, John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
1991 Postmodern Prints, Victoria & Albert Museum, London Group Show, Louver Gallery, New York
1991 *La Metafisica Della Luce, curated by Demetrio Paparoni, John Good Gallery, New York
1992 Four Series of Prints, John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1992 Recent Abstract Painting, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH.
1992 Collaboration in monotype from the Garner Tullis Workshop, Sert Gallery, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
1992 *Geteilte Bilder, Museum Folkwang Essesn, Germany
1992 *Behind Bars, Thread Waxing Space, New York
1992 *Color Block Prints of the 20th Century, Associated American Artists, New York
1992 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
1992 Painters on Press: Recent Abstract Prints, Madison Art Center, Madison, WI.
1992 Monotypes, Woodcuts, Drawings, Europaische Akademie Fur Bildende Kunst, Trier, Germany
1992 Monotypes from Garner Tullis Workshop, SOMA Gallery, San Diego, CA
1992 44th Annual Academy-Institute Purchase exhibition, American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
1992 *Galleria Sergio Tossi, Prato, Italy
1993 *Tutte le strade portano a Roma, The Exhibition Centre of Rome, Italy
1993 Beyond Paint, Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York
1993 Drawing in Black and White, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
1993 *Grolier Club, New York, NY.
1993 *American and European Prints, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo, Japan
1993 American and European work on paper, Gallery Martin Wieland, Trier, Germany
1993 *Italia - America : l'Astrazione ridefinita.
1993 Dicastor Cultura, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Repubblica di San Marino
1993 *Partners. Annely Juda Fine Art, London
1993 *25 Years. Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art
1993 Modernities. Baumgartner Galleries, Washington, DC
1993 5 One person shows. Jamileh Wever Gallery, Zurich
1994 Recent print acquisitions, Tate Gallery, London
1994 Contemporary Watercolours: Europe and America, UNT Art Gallery, Denton, TX
1994 For 25 Years Brooke Alexander Editions. Museum of Modern Art, New York
1994 Recent Acquisitions: Paintings from the Collection of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
1994 L'Incanto e la Trascendenza. Galleria Civica De Arte Contemporaneo, Trento, Italy
1994 British Abstract Art, Flowers East Gallery, London
1994 Recent Acquisitions: Prints, Drawings and Photographs, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
1994 Paper Under Pressure, Sun Valley Center Gallery, Sun Valley, Idaho
1995 Seven from the Seventies: Knoedler Gallery, New York
1995 New Publication: Brooke Alexander Editions, New York
1995 New York Abstract, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA
1995 Color + Structure, Galerie Lelong, New York
1996 XV Salon de los 16, Museu de Antropologia, Madrid
1996 Balancing Act, Room Gallery, New York
1996 Nuevas Abstracciones, Reina Sofia, Madrid: travelling to Kunsthalle Bielefeld and Museo d'Art Contemporaniv de Barcelona
1996 Bare Bones, TZ Art, New York
1996 "Festival de Culture Irlandaise Contemporaine", Ecoles des Beaux-Arts, Paris
1996 'Thinking Print', Museum of Modern Art, New York
1997 'After the Fall: Abstract Painting', Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, New York
1997 'British Arts Council Collection', Royal Festival Hall, London
1997 'The Pursuit of Painting', IMMA, Dublin
1997 'Prints', Galerie Lelong, New York
1997 'Prints', Galerie Lelong, Paris
1997 'A Century of Irish Painting', Selections from the Collections of the *Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern
1997 Art, Dublin, traveled to the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, the Mitaka City Gallery of Art, and the
1997 Yamanashi Perfectural Museum of Art, Japan
1997 *'Thiry-Five Years at Crown Point Press: Making Prints, Doing Art', the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., and the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
1997 'Singular Impressions: The Monotype in America', the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
1998 'Zeit und Materie', Baukunst, Cologne
1998 'Contemporary Art: the Janet Wolfson de Botton Gift', Tate Gallery, London
1998 'The Edward R. Broida Collection: A Selection of Works', Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida
1998 'Photographies', Galerie Lelong, Paris
1998 'On a Clear Day', Graphische Sammlung, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
1998 'Arterias: Collection of Contemporary Art Fundacio la Caixa', Malmö, Konsthall, Sweden
1998 Exhibition with Lawrence Carroll, Lawing Gallery, Houston, Texas

Public Collections

Public Collections

Albright- Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
Art Institute of Chicago
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
Centro Cultural de Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City
Chase Manhattan Bank, New York
Chemical Bank, New York
Cleveland Museum of Art, OH
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Dallas Museum of Art, Texas
Denver Art Museum, Colorado
First Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington DC
High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas
Mellon Bank, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL
Paine Webber Group, Inc., New York
Philip Morris Inc., New York
The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California
The St. Louis Art Museum
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Arts Council of Great Britain, London
Bayrische Staatsgemäldesammlung, Munich
The British Council, London
Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain
Ceolfrith Art Center, Sunderland, England
Contemporary Arts Society, London
Council of National Academic Awards, London
Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland
Eastern Arts Association, Cambridge, England
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England
La Fondation Edelman, Lausanne, Switzerland
Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany
Kunstammlung, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, Germany
Kunst- und Museumsverein Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Leicestershire Educational Authority, Leicester, England
Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany
Louisiana Museum, Humlebaek, Denmark
Manchester City Art Gallery
Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany
Musée de Val de Marne, Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Musée de Gravelines, France
Museum Moderner Kunst, Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna, Austria
Museum für Sub-Kultur, Berlin, Germany
Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz, Linz, Austria
Northern Arts Association, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Ruhr Universität, Bochum, Germany
Staatsgalerie, Stuttgard, Germany
Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany
The Tate Gallery, London
Ulster Museum, Belfast, Ireland
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, England
Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Technologie, Karlsruhe, Germany

Australian National Gallery, Canberra
National Gallery of Victoria, Felton Bequest, Melbourne
Power Institute of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Nagoya City Art Museum, Nagoya
Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo Mirror Images: Paintings & Works on Paper

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Blickachsen 12

Blickachsen 1 - 11 G May 2019 - Oct 2019 Bad Homburg v.d.H. (12) +0
Scheffel, Christian (Curator)       +0
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Sean Scully

 - Vita Duplex
LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur S May 2019 - Sep 2019 Münster (171) +0
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Sean Scully

 - Vita Duplex
Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe S Mar 2018 - Aug 2018 Karlsruhe (96) +0
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Über den Umgang mit Menschen, wenn Zuneigung im Spiel ist.

 - Sammlung Klein
Kunstmuseum Stuttgart G Jul 2017 - Nov 2017 Stuttgart (89) +0
Groos, Ulrike (Curator)       +0
Friese, Klaus Gerrit (Curator)       +0
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Sheldon Museum of Art G May 2017 - Jul 2017 Lincoln (2) +0
GALERIE ROTHER WINTER G Dec 2015 - Jan 2016 Wiesbaden (9) +0
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