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    • Lori Nix

    • Lori Nix


Exhibition at Kagan Martos Gallery, NY

Exhibition at Kagan Martos Gallery, NY

November 9 - December 8, 2001, the Kagan Martos Gallery
515 Broadway, Suite 5bf, New York, NY 10012,

is pleased to present an exhibition of photography by
Lori Nix, entitled “Some Place Else”

Her subtly ominous photographs of miniature scale model landscapes present sites of real and potential danger. In “Lovers' Leap”, a sprawling metropolis serves as the stage to a solitary couple leaping to their fate. Similarly, a lone boat, with a dim light sits placidly on a vast sea in “Red Sky.” Elongated frames of cityscapes, fields, and seas, trick us into believing we will get more clues about the foreboding event; but Nix’s deft artificial creations prevent us from knowing more than we should.

In an early series entitled “Accidentally Kansas” Nix reconstructs catastrophes that occurred in her home state. A school bus burned and abandoned in a snowy remote hillside, a muddy flood in a quaint town, a field infested by insects, are some of the scenes depicted in these photographs. In her newest series she does away with literal references to catastrophic situations and creates landscapes, which are infused with a sense foreboding. It is this latter body of work, which is primarily featured in this exhibition.

“I am interested in how public places take on double meanings, such as the bucolic landscape that turns poisonous, or the public park that becomes lecherous.” ­ Lori Nix



Nix was born in Norton, Kansas, and spent most of her life in the rural Midwest. She earned a BFA in photography from Truman State University, Missouri, and attended the MFA program at Ohio University. She has been awarded an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Grant, a Greater Columbus Arts Council Grant, and a residency with Light work. Nix’s work was featured recently at White Columns, White Room, New York.
The Kagan Marots Gallery exhibition is Lori Nix’s first solo gallery show.

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