Artist | Marjaana Kella (*1961)

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Born in 1961, Orimattila, Finland
Lives and works in Helsinki
1987 - 1993 Master of Arts (Photography), University of Art and Design Helsinki
1985 - 1986 Free Art School, Helsinki
1993 - 1999 Visiting lecturer at Department of Photography, University of Art and Design Helsinki; The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki; Department of Photography, Turku Polytechnic Arts & Media; Department of Photography, Lahti Polytechnic, Institute of Design



2003 The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki
2002 Le Centre Photographique d'Île de France, Pontault-Combault (Paris)
2002 Galerie Poller, Frankfurt am Main
2002 Zinc Gallery, Stockholm
2002 Van Zoetendaal Gallery, Amsterdam
2002 Nederlands Foto Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2002 BildMuseet, Umeå, Sweden
2002 Galleria Kari Kenetti, Helsinki
2001 Galleri Magnus Äklundh, Malmo, Sweden
2001 Valokuvagalleria Hippolyte, Helsinki
1999 Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg, Sweden. With Anna Gaskell and Joachim Schmid (catalogue) 1998 Valokuvagalleria Hippolyte, Helsinki
1993 Galleria Finnfoto, Helsinki



2002 Attachment+. Kunsthalle Lophem, Bruges, Belgium
2001 Widening Circle. Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
2001 Finnish Photography. Galleri Christian Dam, Oslo
2001 Scratches on Smooth Surface. Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg, Sweden
2001 Magnetic North: Current Installation Photography in Finland. The New Art Gallery Walsall, England
1999 Voloa & Varjosta. The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki
1999 Nordiskt foto. Skövde Konsthall, Sweden
1999 Tila - Espaces. Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris.
1998 Blue You. Into-galleria, Helsinki
1998 Me, myself and I. Bensow House, Helsinki (catalogue)
1995 The Play of Living Forms. Galleria Otso, Espoo, Finland
1993 Antologio dello Fotografia Finlandese uno Luce dal Nord. Rome
1993 Work in Progress. Into-galleria, Helsinki
1992 Decennium. Bucharest, Scotland, Istanbul, Ankara, Barcelona, Madrid (catalogue)
1991 Mesenaatti. Oulainen, Finland (catalogue)
1989 Nuorten valokuvaajien näyttely (Exhibition of Young Photographers). Helsinki



The State´s Art Collection in Sweden
Hasselblad Center, Göteborg, Sweden
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasama, Helsinki, Finland
The Finnisch Museum of Photography, Helsinki
The Private Collection of Gallup AD
The Private Collection of Pentti Kouri



Claudia Stein, Marjaana Kella – portfolio. Photography now 4.02

Caryn Faure Walker and Mika Hannula, Magnetic North: Current Installation Photography in Finland. The Finnish Museum of Photography and University of Art and Design Helsinki, Helsinki, 2001

Pirkko Siitari, 'The Golden Age of Finnish Photography.' Arttu No.2, 2001, Helsinki

Alistair Robinson, 'Fact, Fiction and Photography.' magazine, 2000

Erik van der Heeg. Face. Zinc Gallery, Stockholm, 2000

Tuomo-Juhani Vuorenmaa and Jukka Kukkonen, eds., Voloo: Otteita suomalaisen valokuvan historiaan. The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, 1999

Tuomo-Juhani Vuorenmaa and Jukka Kukkonen, eds., Varjosta: Tutkielmia suomalaisen valokuvan historiasta. The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, 1999

Tuomo-Juhani Vuorenmaa, ed., Finnish Photography 1998-1999. Musta Taide, Helsinki, 1999
Caryn Faure Walker, 'Focus on Finland.' Creative Camera NO.355, December-January, 1999. London

Marjaana Kella & Marja Söderlund, Nuori Taide. Hanki ja jää, Tampere, 1992

Timo Kelaranta, 'Marjaana Kella'. Volokuvolehti NO-5, 1990. Helsinki

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Landesgalerie Oberösterreich am Francisco Carolinu S May 2004 - Jun 2004 Linz (9) +0
Finnish Museum of Photography - Suomen valokuvataiteen museo G May 2004 - Aug 2004 Helsinki (89) +0
FOTOHOF S Feb 2004 - Mar 2004 Salzburg (70) +0
Finnish Museum of Photography - Suomen valokuvataiteen museo S Sep 2003 - Dec 2003 Helsinki (89) +0
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