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    • Arturo Arvizu

    • Arturo Arvizu

    • Arturo Arvizu

    • Arturo Arvizu

    • Arturo Arvizu

    • Arturo Arvizu

    • Arturo Arvizu

    • Arturo Arvizu


About the work

About the work

Arturo Arvizu initiated his carrer in New York (1985), after carring out his studies in Paris since 1982. Contacts is his second one man show in Mexico, after participating in multiple collective exhibits. Who has seen his exposition the Oracle (1990) will notice a radical change in form, but perhaps one can understand the evolution of his original proposal primitivist-anecdotic, that reinterpretation between violent and hopefully oceanic religous myths, legends of emblematic sense, symbolic or ritual, he derives a latent content perception of all image, the magical thought that binds primigenial cultures, cosmogonies of all the world, without between them, entailed in essence, to the same spirit.

If Arvizu had not consciously been working with attributed values, to premonition, the dream, enchantment, invocation etc., his present landscapes merely habitated by of persons, would have lack the sense of duality or ambiguity, but above all the sensation that the landseape is , of something rare in the atmosphere that makes it unusual. This, that would seem like to much intelectual cream to the eye, in reality comes from a new postmodern visual education chance, that in the last thirty years has compel to see painting way beyond its mere formal spectacule.

The intencionality of the the works of Arvizu is a product of a long sail in painting, in the way to tell what is beyond the image without omitting her, only adulterating her sense by purely visual means, using easy plastic rudimentaries to realize, hard to conceptually charge.

Text substracted from a critic made by Luis Carlos Emerich

Solo Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

1986 First solo show at the Vorpal Gallery, New York
Primera muestra de trabajo individual en la Galeria Vorpal, Nueva York
1987 Second solo show at the Vorpal Gallery, New York
Segunda muestra de trabajo individual en la Galeria Vorpal, Nueva York
1990 El Oraculo one man Show at the Casa de la Cultura Jesus Reyes Heroles, Mexico City
El Oraculo exposición individual en la Casa de la Cultura Jesus Reyes Heroles, Coyoacan, Mexico.D.F.
1993 Contactos one man show at the Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City
Contactos exposición individual en el Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico D. F.

Group Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

1986 Collective exhibit Trends organized by the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art in New York (MOCHA)
Participacion en la exposición colectiva Trends organizada en el Contemporay Hispanic Art de Nueva York (MOCHA)
1986 Collective exhibit Brocha Gorda organized by the faculty of Architecture at the University of Mexico U.N.A.M.
Participacion en el evento Brocha Gorda, organizada por la facultad de Arquitectura, de la U.N.A.M.
1986 Collective exibit at the Vorpal Gallery conmemorating the reinaguration of the Statue of Liberty
Exposición colectiva en la Galeria Vorpal, conmemorando la reignauracion de la Estatua de la Libertad
1989 Collective exhibits at the Vorpal Gallery, winter and fall seasons
Estancia y participaciòn en exposiciónes colectivas en la Galeria Vorpal, temporadas Verano e Invierno
1990 Collective event La toma del Balmori, Mexico City
Participacion en el evento colectivo La toma del Balmori, Mexico D.F.
1990 Collective event La Entrega de los Balmori, Mexico D.F.
Exposición colectiva La Entrega de los Balmori, Mexico D.F.
1990 Collective exhibit El Metro en el Metro, Mexico City
Exposición colectiva El Metro en el Metro, Mexico D.F.
1990 Urban work Mural Ecologico en Provincia, Cordova Veracruz, Mexico
Obra Urbana, Mural Ecologico en Provincia, Cordoba Veracruz, Mexico
1994 Collective exhibit at the Jean Louis Silve Gallery
Exposición colectiva en la Galeria Jean Louis Silve
1994 Collective exibit La Incertidumbre at the French Institute of Latin America (IFAL), Mexico City
Exposición colectiva La Incertidumbre, en el Instituto Frances de America Latina (IFAL), Mexico D.F.
1996 Collective exhibit Salon de Arte Bancomer organized by the Bancomer Cultural Fundation, moving to the Museo de Monterrey and Museo de Reynosa, Mexico
Exposición colectiva Salon de Arte Bancomer organizada por la Fundacion Cultural Bancomer, intinerando al Museo de Monterrey y el Museo de Reynosa, Mexico
1997 Collective exhibit 49a, International Book Fair in Frankfurt
Exposición Colectiva en la 49, Feria lnternacional det Libro de Frankfurt
1997 Collective exhibit Hispanic Heritage in America, in the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art
Exposición Colectiva, Herencia Hispana en America. En el Museo de Arte Hispanico y Latinoamericano en Florida

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