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    • José [GYM] García y Más

      In the Light of Recent European Events2017
    • José [GYM] García y Más

      Brexit 1 2017
    • José [GYM] García y Más

      Apocalypse II2010
    • José [GYM] García y Más

      There’s no Escape ! 2010
    • José [GYM] García y Más

    • José [GYM] García y Más

      Pending Fall 2016
    • José [GYM] García y Más

      Mephistopheles 2011

In the Light of Recent European Events...

In the Light of Recent European Events...

Although global policy plays a very important part, García y Más is not a political painter in any narrow sense, his realistic paintings focus on the problematic social issues of the day, on environments, on cultural and literary themes: the point is made by means of alienation, irony and wit, often in a macabre manner.

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