Artist | Gleb Vladimirovich Derujinsky (1888 - 1975)

Alias: Gleb Vladimirovich Derujinsky [Gljeb W. Derujinskij] [Deryuzhinsky]

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Exhibition History

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Venue types: Gallery / Museum / Non-Profit / Collector
Exhibitions in artist-info 4 (S 1/ G 3) Did show together with - Top 5 of 10 artists
(no. of shows) - all shows - Top 100
Auguste Renoir [Pierre-Auguste Renoir] (2)- 217
Alexander Porfirjowitsch Archipenko [Alexandr Porfirevich Arkhipenko] (1)- 208
Numa Patlagean [Nuhem Ber Patlazhan, Naum G. Wood Patlazhan] [Patladžan, Naum Patladžan, Numa Patladžan] (1)- 4
Maurice Sterne [Maurice H. Sterne] (1)- 49
Serafim Nikolaevich Soudbinine [Sud'binin, Ssudbinin, Seraphim Sudbinin, Séraphin Soudbinine] (1)- 7
Exhibitions by type
4:   0 / 1 / 3 / 0
Venues by type
3:   0 / 1 / 2 / 0
Curators 1
artist-info records Dec 1919 - Jan 1929
Countries - Top 1 of 1
United States (4)
Cities 2 - Top of 2
Chicago (2)
New York (2)
Venues (no. of shows ) Top 3 of 3
The Arts Club of Chicago (2)
Grand Central Art Galleries (1)
Brooklyn Museum of Art - BMA (1)
Curators (no. of shows) Top 1 of 1
William Henry Fox(1)
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Recent Portrait Sculpture by Gleb W. Derujinsky

Grand Central Art Galleries S Jan 1929 - Jan 1929 New York (209) +0
PermalinkExhibition TitleExhibition Title

Russian Painting and Sculpture (2/2)

 - Sculpture
Brooklyn Museum of Art - BMA G Feb 1923 - Apr 1923 Brooklyn (512) +0
Fox, William Henry (Curator)       +0
PermalinkExhibition TitleExhibition Title

Modern Paintings by Branchard, Friedman, van Gogh, Rodin, Stella, and Sterne, Sculpture by P. Auguste Renoir,

 - Statuettes by Derujinsky
The Arts Club of Chicago G Dec 1919 - Dec 1919 Chicago (509) +0
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Exhibition of Modern Painting and Sculpture by Gleb Derujinsky and P. Augustine Renoir

The Arts Club of Chicago G Dec 1919 - Dec 1919 Chicago (509) +0
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