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The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

 The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

Sep 2015 - Jan 2016, Tate Modern, London
Curator: Flavia Frigeri, Jessica Morgan
The exhibition reveals the alternative stories of Pop, highlighting key figures of the era who have often been left out of mainstream art history. It will also reveal how Pop was never just a celebration of Western consumerism, but was often a subversive international language for criticism and public protest across the globe. Exhibition Page


International Pop

Apr - Sep 2015, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
Curator: Darsie Alexander, Bartholomew Ryan
Organized by the Walker Art Center and on view through August 29, 2015, ‘International Pop’ is a groundbreaking historical survey that chronicles the global emergence of Pop Art from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s.
The thematic sections are: New Realisms – The Image Travels & the Archive Shifts – Distribution & Domesticity – Pop & Politics – Love & Despair
International Pop asserts that Pop was not a singular artistic style or brand, but a roving spirit and ethos moving with unprecedented force through culture at large in the 1960s through a new abundance of everyday commodities, mass media production, and mainstream advertising.
All participating artists by thematic section and more details in our blog post 'International Pop' at Walker Art Center – Artists on View Exhibition Page