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Nov 1997 - Jan 1998, Wiener Secession, Wien
Curator: HOU Hanru, Hans-Ulrich Obrist
"The urban explosion in Asia is generating a great number of new Global Cities. Apart from classical characteristics of global cities, such as being active elements of the world market and communication, various and multicultural urban culture, "internationalized" modes of life, inter-connectivity, etc. these new, Non-Western global cities also have their own specific characteristics: their own cultural traditions, historical backgrounds, which are mostly connected with the Colonial past and neo-colonial present, and hence new claims for developments. But, the most important is that, with their specific legacies, they become a new and original spaces in which new visions and understandings of Modernity, and new possibilities of "Utopian/dystopian" imaginations, can be elaborated and invented." says HOU Hanru.
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