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Discrepant Subjects
 - Miles Hall - Mostyn Bramley Moore - Anthony White


Discrepant Subjects
Miles Hall, Mostyn Bramley Moore and Anthony White

VERNISSAGE Thursday 23th May 2019 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
EXHIBITION DATES Friday 24th May to Tuesday 4th June 2019
LE PAVE D’ORSAY, 48 rue des Lille, 75007 Paris,

This exhibition features three Antipodean painters – Miles Hall, Mostyn Bramley Moore and Anthony White. This three person exhibition presented at Le Pave D’Orsay focuses on the generational breadth and ongoing influence of gestural painting in contemporary practice. Three painters acknowledging through distinct individual approaches of action and process based painting, the weight of the history of abstraction and their ongoing contributions to gestural painting in the contemporary artworld.

The time for reappraisal of the gestural impulse is now appropriate as to use adjectives such as materiality, spontaneous,textural,gestural or expressive would be simplifying or outright denying the nuance, emotional depth and intellectual rigour of our each subjective experience. In today’s world there is a conflict of subjectivities which is now culturally relevant. There is a need for a linking between social and cultural subjectivities.

These three artists bound by common nationality, experiment through a mixture of instinct and intellectual rigour to produce different aesthetic results broadly defined by action painting and gestural painting. The recent modern history of gestural painting has been watered down by meaningless fashionable art and the point of the show would be to reassess the validity of a gestural form of painting as again an authentic mode of expression counter to the banal expressions of recent history.

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