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695 | The Art of Assemblage

The Art of Assemblage

Oct - Nov 1961, Museum of Modern Art, New York
Curator: William Seitz
The MoMA Press Release of Oct 4, 1961, states about this "new realism":
Collage and the method of juxtaposition are relevant to the basic questions raised by
20th century art - the nature of reality, the nature of painting Itself, and the methods
by which creative thought is organized.
"The term 'assemblage1 has been singled out with this duality in mind, to denote not only a specific technical procedure and form used in the literary and musical as well as the plastic arts, but also a complex of attitudes and ideas.", says Seitz in the catalog.
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New Forms - New Media

One year earlier than 'The Art of Assemblage'
and two years earlier than Sidney Janis' 'New Realists'
Martha Jackson, New York, did organize her ground-breaking two part
'New Forms - New Media 1' exhibition Jun 6 - 24, 1960 and the second part
'New Media - New Forms in Painting and Sculpture. Version II' from Sep 28 - Oct 22, 1960.
"... But an attack on the aristocracy of art by and with art is the main point of the exhibition although
'attack' is too aggressive a noun for the witty, ingratiating social activity to which so many of these works are dedicated."
, writes Thomas R. Hess in his review for 'Art News', Summer 1960.
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