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50 | Edward Steichen's Delphiniums

Steichen Delphiniums

June 24 - July 1st, 1936
An exhibition of "Steichen Delphiniums"—rare new American varieties developed through twenty-six years of cross-breeding and selection by Edward Steichen. Although Mr. Steichen is widely known for his photography, this is the first time his delphiniums have been given a public showing. They are original varieties, as creatively produced as his photographs. To avoid confusion, it should be noted that the actual delphiniums will be shown in the Museum—not paintings or photographs of them. It will be a "personal appearance" of the flowers themselves.

Mr. Steichen is President of the Delphinium Society of America. His interest in cross-breeding and selection of flowers began thirty years ago, but in 1906 he became interested chiefly in the breeding of delphiniums. He now devotes ten acres in Connecticut to that purpose and uses about one plant in forty for cross-breeding. The rest are plowed under. Some day when he feels satisfied with his work he hopes to give the results of it to the world in a few rare varieties of delphinium.

The delphiniums will be shown in relays at the Museum of Modern Art. The first group starting Wednesday, June 24th will consist of the garden hybrids of the true-blue or pure-blue colors, and the fog and mist shades. The final group, with giant spikes from four to six feet high, will be placed on exhibition Monday, June 29th. The flowers will be shown on the first floor of the Museum in connection with the current exhibition of Modern Exposition Architecture on that floor.

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