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February 1932
Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, Cambridge (MA)
The artists: Atget, Bayer, Boiffard, Chirico, Cocteau, Cornell, Dalí, Ernst, Howard, Lynes, Man Ray, Móhóly-Nagy, Parry, Picasso, Roy, Tabard, Umbo, Viollier.   13
Surrealism was shown before Cambridge at Julien Levy Gallery, New York, entitled Surréalisme, 09.-29.01.1932.


More on the exhibition history of 'The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art', Cambridge (MA), between 1929–1932 can be found on our blog post

The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art – Exhibition Timeline and Artists 1929-1932

Many essays have been written about Lincoln Kirstein (1907 – 1996), John Walker III (1906 – 1995), and Edward M. M. Warburg (1908 – 1992) and their exhibition venue at 1400 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, on the second floor of the Harvard Cooperative Building, in Room 207 and 208. To know the exhibition timeline and the shown artists is important for each survey on the Harvard Society for Contemporary Art and is subject of this blog post as part of artist-info‘s focus on documenting exhibitions from 1880 up to the present, worldwide.
   The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, Inc. wanted to show new currents and movements in art by local and national artists, as well as new European artwork, architecture, design, typography, film, and photography. Although the three student’s budget to run the gallery was very limited, their enthusiasm for Modernism was not and their groundbreaking effort was influential in many ways. The three had the courage to confront the public, the press, and art critics with gallery exhibitions of Modernism artwork. This would not have been possible without the academic network they belonged to: First to mention Paul Sachs and Edward Forbes, then A. Everett ‘Chick’ Austin, Kirk Askew, Jere Abbott, Alfred H. Barr, Henry-Russell Hitchcock, and the undergraduates Philip Johnson and Julien Levy. The board of trustees of the Inc. did include Edward Waldo Forbes (director of the Fogg Museum), Paul Joseph Sachs (associated director of the Fogg Museum, professor of art history), John Nicholas Brown (collector), Philip Hofer (collector), Arthur Pope (professor of art history), Arthur Sachs (financier), and Felix M. Warburg (Edward’s father).
   Their mission was based on the exhibitions they organized and the artists they were showing in these exhibitions. The timeline starts with their first exhibition in February 1929, until 1932, the year Lincoln Kirstein moved to New York. He had become member of MoMA’s Advisory Committee and chairman of the exhibition committee. He was the exhibition director of Murals by American Painters and Photographers – Mural Paintings and – Photo-Murals, the opening exhibition at MoMA’s new address at 11 West 53rd Street. Exhibition Pages
16 | Murals by American Painters and Photographers (1/2) - Mural Paintings

16 | Murals by American Painters and Photographers (2/2) - Photo-Murals