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Les Nouveaux Réalistes


Les Nouveaux Réalistes

Apr 1960, Galleria Apollinaire, Milano
In the preface to the catalogue of the exhibition Les Nouveaux Réalistes in April 1960 at Galleria Apollinaire, Milano, Pierre Restany used the expression "New Realism" for the first time. The show included work by Arman, François Dufrêne, Raymond Hains, Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely, and Jacques Villeglé.
"What do we propose instead? The passionate adventure of the real perceived in itself and not through the prism of conceptual or imaginative transcription. What is its mark? The introduction of a sociological continuation of the essential phase of communication. Sociology comes to the assistance of consciousness and of chance, whether this be at the level of choice or of the tearing up of posters, of the allure of an object, of the household rubbish or scraps of the dining-room, of the unleashing of mechanical susceptibility, of the diffusion of sensibility beyond the limits of its perception…
At the stage, most essential in its urgency, of full affective expression and of the externalization of the individual creator, and through the naturally baroque appearance of certain experiences, we are on the way to a new realism of pure sensibility. There, to say the least, is one of the paths of the future."
Pierre Restany
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International Exhibition of the New Realists

Oct - Dec 1962, Sidney Janis Gallery, New York
Arman [Armand Pierre Fernandez], Christo [Christo Javacheff], Öyvind Fahlström, Robert Indiana, Yves Klein (Apr 1928 - Jun 1962), Roy Lichtenstein, Marisol [Maria Sol Escobar], Claes Oldenburg, James Rosenquist, Daniel Spoerri, Wayne Thiebaud, Jean Tinguely, Andy Warhol

"As the Abstract Expressionist became the world recognized painter of the 50s, the new Factual artist (referred to as the Pop Artist in England, the Polymaterialist in Italy, and here as in France, as the New Realist [Other title applied to artists with this point of view: Commonists; Neo-Dadaists; Factualists; Artists of Pop Culture and Popular Realists.] may already have proved to be the pacemaker of the 60s." (by Sidney Janis, Exhibition Catalogue).
"The older artists, particularly Guston, Motherwell, Gottlieb, and Rothko, strongly opposed. They had a protest meeting and decided not to be associated with what they believed to be Johnnys-come-lately, and withdrew from the gallery as a body." said Sidney Janis.
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