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Yves Klein
 - Proposte monocrome, epoca Blu

Yves Klein: Proposte monocrome, epoca blu

Jan 1957, Galerie Appolinaire, Milano
Beginning of the Blue Period. For the first time, Yves Klein presented an entire room of blue monochromes, eleven works of identical format (78 x 56 cm), uniformly painted in ultramarine blue, one of which was purchased by Lucio Fontana.

To be mentioned as well for the Blue Period

Yves Klein - Propositions Monochromes

May 1957, Galerie Schmela, Düsseldorf

and earlier in 1956

Yves Klein - Propositions Monochromes

Feb - Mar 1956, Galerie Colette Allendy, Paris
"... Far beyond the outpourings of other worlds, already so imperceptible to our common sense of the reasonable, somewhat removed, no doubt, from what is called "the art of painting," at the level in any case of the most pure and essential emotional resonances, are these rigorously monochrome propositions: each of them sets off a visual field, a colored space, stripped of all graphic transcription and thus escaping from time’s duration, devoted to the unified expression of a certain tonality. ...", part of Pierre Restany's radical and provocative text for the invitation card.