Artist | Fred Brathwaite

Alias: Fred Brathwaite [Frederick Brathwaite, Fab Five Freddy, F5F]

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Exhibition History

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Venue types: Gallery / Museum / Non-Profit / Collector
Exhibitions in artist-info 1 (S 0/ G 1) Did show together with - Top 5 of 24 artists
(no. of shows) - all shows - Top 100
Rebecca Howland (1)- 2
Russell Sharon (1)- 3
Cara Perlman (1)- 4
Rick Prol (1)- 5
Greer Lankton (1)- 7
Exhibitions by type
1:   1 / 0 / 0 / 0
Venues by type
1:   1 / 0 / 0 / 0
Curators 0
artist-info records Jan 1984 - Feb 1984
Countries - Top 1 of 1
United States (1)
Cities 1 - Top of 1
New York (1)
Venues (no. of shows ) Top 1 of 1
Hal Bromm Gallery (1)
Curators (no. of shows) Top 0 of 0
Offers/Requests Exhibition Announcement S / G Solo/Group Exhibitions   (..) Exhibitions + Favorites
Exhibition Title


 - The East Village
Hal Bromm Gallery G Jan 1984 - Feb 1984 New York (10) +0
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