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Francesco Boretti (1922-1995) is a self-taught oil Painter born in a village close to Florence, Italy.
Graduated in Natural Sciences at Florence University, in 1960 he started devoting himself to painting : at the beginning, he used gloomy and monochromatic tones that reflected a very sad moment of his existence, but when life finally acquired a meaning for him, his artwork bursted out in a phantasmagoria of colours and sensations turning into an abstract synthesis through a strong and extremely personal use of colour which expresses a deep love of life.
His style can be roughly referred to as a kind of Abstract Expressionism.
His paintings are found almost everywhere in Italy and abroad in France, Canada, Sweden, Japan and Switzerland.

Solo Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

1997 Retrospettiva (A Retrospective) Galleria" Cristina Busi" CHIAVARI(GENOVA).ITALY
1974 Paintings by Francesco Boretti The Italian Cultural Institute MONTREAL. CANADA, an exhibition in collaboration with the Gallery Bernard Desroches
1974 Personale di Francesco Boretti Albergo San Carlo SAN CARLO (MASSA) ITALY

Group Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

1984 Collettiva Galleria "Il Quadrato" VIAREGGIO (LUCCA).ITALY
1974 Paintings by Francesco BorettiGallery Bernard Desroches MONTREAL.CANADA
1972 Paintings by Francesco Boretti Wells Gallery OTTAWA.CANADA
1972 Paintings by Francesco Boretti St.Laurent Gallery OTTAWA. CANADA

Francesco Boretti's name was added to the artists list "IL QUADRATO ". Milano,1984 &1985 and to Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz ( Archivio per l'Arte Italiana del Novecento ), via G.Giusti, 44 50121. FIRENZE.ITALY

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