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Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 10, 2014 06:30 pm Nov 08, 2014 Frankfurt am Main DIE GALERIE - Frankfurt a.M. Karl Otto Götz
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Olpho II, 1996, mixed media on canvas, 100 x 80 cm


Frankfurt am Main

DIE GALERIE - Frankfurt a.M.

Karl Otto Götz

Opening Sep 10, 2014 at 06:30 pm
Start date Sep 11, 2014
End date Nov 08, 2014

A poet – that's Karl Otto Götz (* 1914) through and through: As the author of the numerous poems accompanying his life, and all the more so as a painter with a noteworthy ability to capture his poetic contemplations on canvas. In 1948, Götz became the only German to join the art group CoBrA – verbally as well as visually – and participated in the group's significant exhibitions in Amsterdam and Liège. Initially inspired by the techniques of the Surrealist, by the early 1950s Götz's experimental approaches led him to the nascent Informel movement of post-war Germany. Götz became its leading figure, and is still regarded today as one of its most significant representatives. Following meticulous analysis and careful preparatory work, in an innovative technique of his own involving paintbrush, squeegee and a systematic process he brings the paint to the canvas in a manner that purposefully negates classical principles of form. The resultant, strongly expressive and gestural compositions oscillate in a realm between happenstance and methodology. The artist, who turned 100 this year, can look back upon an eventful life, a complex and multi-faceted artistic oeuvre, and a sustained 60 years of influence on the West German art scene. DIE GALERIE is presenting a comprehensive retrospective of the truly exceptional artist. A comprehensive catalog is available, edited by DIE GALERIE, 120 pages, with texts (German/English) by Prof. Rissa, Els Ottenhof, Dr. Franz Mon, and Ina Ströher.

K.O. [Karl Otto] Götz -
Ina Ströher -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Sep 08, 2014 06:30 pm Oct 06, 2014 London Maureen Paley Gert & Uwe Tobias
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Untitled, 2014, woodcut on canvas, 200 x 200 cm - 78 3/4 x 78 3/4 inches, Photo Alistair Overbruck, © Gert & Uwe Tobias, courtesy Maureen Paley, London



Maureen Paley

Gert & Uwe Tobias

Opening Sep 08, 2014 at 06:30 pm
Start date Sep 08, 2014
End date Oct 06, 2014

Identical twin brothers Gert & Uwe Tobias were born in Brasov, Romania, in 1973, in the Transylvanian region. Having moved to Germany in 1985 they studied in Brunswick, and now live and work in a studio complex on the outskirts of Cologne. They paint, sculpt, make traditional woodcuts and collages. They have worked together since 2001 and when in their studio the artists often complete each other’s work. Their work is full of strange characters and creatures drawn from eastern European folk art combined with diverse influences, from abstract art of the early 20th century to German post-war painting. The Tobias brothers’ giant woodcuts and wall paintings draw on modernist geometric abstraction; however they combine line, shape, colour and typography with the narrative images and patterns of folk art, using decorative motifs such as flowers, plants, patterns, embroidery and domestic objects. These elements are often placed against a grid or flat painted background to create dramatic and surreal tableaux. There is much reference and quotation in their work from the rich Surrealist period, William Blake, along with symbolist allusion - all connected through their Romanian folk tradition. However, the bold and geometric presentation they employ creates a contemporary context that is unique to them.

Gert & Uwe Tobias -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Aug 02, 2014 07:00 pm Aug 18, 2014 Hudson Retrospective Ambulance Blues




Ambulance Blues

Opening Aug 02, 2014 at 07:00 pm
Start date Aug 03, 2014
End date Aug 18, 2014

"We live in a state of constant flux and communication, yet this hyper-connectivity somehow feels more disconnected than times when we had less options and ways to communicate. I see a lot of people making artwork out of this place - disconnected objects, fragmentations, deconstructions - but without the actual answer or response or cure or even recognition of this feeling. The artworks are considered 'progressive' but are themselves disconnected and fragmented, without any real acknowledgment of that fact. So even though they may be a 'sign of the times', they also just tend to blend blandly with the background becoming sterile purposeless objects. For Ambulance Blues, I wanted to include works that went beyond this idea of progressive. The artists included understand what it means to create a relic of a difficult world in flux with the desire to refocus our attention to something better. There is a real sadness and loneliness in recognizing this disconnected feeling and the works here evoke this. Even further, the works exhibit continuous movement beyond this by reaching towards something sublime. Good art is about knowing and feeling that you live in a fucked up world but still being able to pull out the good human parts and point towards them." Erin Falls Presented in collaboration with / Exhibition venue Basilica Hudson, 110 South Front Street, Hudson NY 12534

Rey Akdogan - Polly Apfelbaum - Uri Aran - Donald Baechler - Milano Chow - Peter Coffin - Ann Craven - Sam Falls - Deborah Falls - Jack Goldstein - Elias Hansen - Marc Hundley - Mirabelle Marden - Nancy Shaver - Matthew Sheridan Smith - Jordan Wolfson - Joe Zorrilla - Mick Barr -
Erin Falls -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Jul 19, 2014 06:30 pm Aug 24, 2014 London Maureen Paley PETER HUJAR
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Self-Portrait Smoking, 1958, vintage gelatin silver print, © 1987 The Peter Hujar Archive LLC. Courtesy Maureen Paley, London; Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York, (MP-HUJAP-00053)



Maureen Paley


Opening Jul 19, 2014 at 06:30 pm
Start date Jul 19, 2014
End date Aug 24, 2014

Maureen Paley is pleased to present the third solo exhibition by Peter Hujar at the gallery. In her introduction to Portraits in Life and Death, Susan Sontag wrote, ‘…Fleshed and moist-eyed friends and acquaintances stand, sit, slouch, mostly lie – and are made to appear to meditate on their own mortality…Peter Hujar knows that portraits in life are always, also, portraits in death.’ Working exclusively in black and white, Hujar vividly documented a New York that has been all but lost to us today. Hujar was a contemporary and friend of Diane Arbus, and both were admirers of Weegee and shared his dark vision. Regardless of subject matter—from the catacombs in Palermo to abandoned, wrecked cars Hujar is a classicist whose distinctive style echoes further back to historical figures such as Atget and Brassaï. Hujar was a mentor and friend to the artists David Wojnarowicz and Paul Thek. His work would go on to influence the photographers Nan Goldin and Robert Mapplethorpe. His sensibility, concentration, eye for detail, and feel for light and texture enable him to find mystery where none is apparent, beauty in the mundane, and grace in disintegration. All of Hujar's work is imbued with a deep sense of mortality and as he makes visible an awareness of life and death as forever enmeshed, a depth of soul. Born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1934, Peter Hujar received his first camera in 1947. His works have been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States.

Peter Hujar -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Jul 17, 2014 07:00 pm Sep 28, 2014 Erfurt KUNSTHALLE ERFURT Julian Röder & ...
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Julian Röder, Monitoring Zeppelin, Southern France, 2013; Aus der Serie Mission and Task,; © Julian Röder, Courtesy Russi Klenner




Julian Röder & Robert Capa

Opening Jul 17, 2014 at 07:00 pm
Start date Jul 18, 2014
End date Sep 28, 2014

Die KUNSTHALLE ERFURT präsentiert eine Doppelschau von Julian Röder und Robert Capa im Rahmen von CC - Classic Contemporary. Den inhaltlichen Ansatz der Ausstellung von Capa und Röder bilden sozial-politische Transformationsprozesse und besonders "Konflikt und Krieg" als deren Katalysatoren oder Folgen. Die Erfurter Doppelausstellung ist gleichzeitig die erste größere Werkschau des jungen Künstlers (geb. 1981 in Erfurt). Auch Magnum-Mitbegründer und Fotolegende Robert Capa (1913–1954) hat sich für die politischen und militärischen Auseinandersetzungen seiner Mitmenschen interessiert. As part of its photo exhibition series CC – Classic Contemporary, KUNSTHALLE ERFURT presents a two-person exhibition of works by Julian Röder (*1981) and Robert Capa (1913–1954). Both photographers focus on such themes as “socio-political processes of change” in which “conflict and war” serve as the catalysts or consequences of these processes. Like Capa, Julian Röder is not only fascinated with the (potential) violence or military engagement, but rather the tensions of human interaction and co-existence which precede these. As part of its CC – Classic Contemporary series at KUNSTHALLE ERFURT, this two-person exhibition includes almost all of Julian Röder’s past photo series.

Julian Röder - Robert [Endre Ernö Friedmann] Capa -
Silke Opitz -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Jul 10, 2014 07:00 pm Jul 30, 2014 Busan GoEun Museum of Photography Sehen Zen



GoEun Museum of Photography

Sehen Zen

Claudia Fährenkemper
Opening Jul 10, 2014 at 07:00 pm
Start date May 10, 2014
End date Jul 30, 2014

Goeun Museum of Photography introduces contemporary German photography that has had strong influence around the world. German photography that received spotlight with August Sander was split into two streams since 1960s. First was the school of typological photography centering on Art Academy of Dusseldorf led by Bernd and Hilla Becher as well as their students that include Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, and Andrea Gursky. The tradition of subjective photography forms the other pillar of German photography, with Otto Steinert playing the key role. Interestingly enough, subjective photography is the exact opposite of typological photography in terms of contents and format. While typological photography shows interest in similarities over differences, subjective photography notices the potential created by the differences. Images to be shown are from Claudia Fährenkemper's most recent series that captures armors from museums in various aspects and series. Both series are in black and white, beautifully and vividly exposing the nature of subjects using intensive tones and distinctive gradations. At a glance typological photography influence may have strong presence in her work but look closer and you will discover ways of describing the subject that are unique to this artist alone. It is so as she chooses the backgrounds in different tones depending on the texture of the armor and reveals various shades of black and white accordingly. MiJung Lee, Curator

Claudia Fährenkemper -
MiJung Lee - Chuha Chung -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Jun 27, 2014 05:00 pm Sep 28, 2014 Heerenveen-Oranjewoud Museum Belvédère Wit-Rood-Zwart
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Leo Erb, zonder titel, 1961 - Bernard Aubertin, Clous, 1969 - Henk Peters, Boa, 1962-1984 - Jan Schoonhoven, R62-13, 1962



Museum Belvédère


Opening Jun 27, 2014 at 05:00 pm
Start date Jun 28, 2014
End date Sep 28, 2014

Wit–Rood–Zwart is een bijzondere groepstentoonstelling van vier belangrijke aan Zero gerelateerde kunstenaars: Leo Erb, Bernard Aubertin, Henk Peeters en Jan Schoonhoven. Zij vertegenwoordigen drie kleurrealiteiten, die symbool staan voor materie (zwart), geest (wit) en bezieling (rood). Wit-Rood-Zwart is een tentoonstelling waarin verstilde werken worden getoond die inspelen op ruimte en de werking van licht en schaduw, kwaliteiten die raken aan de uitgangspunten van Museum Belvédère. De (niet)kleuren zwart, wit en rood verbinden het werk met dat van de vooroorlogse utopische kunstenaars die worden gerekend tot het constructivisme, nieuw beelden en suprematisme. Wit-Rood-Zwart vormt een prelude op de grote Zero-tentoonstelling die later dit jaar opent in New York en die vervolgens te zien zal zijn in Berlijn en Amsterdam. De tentoonstelling werd georganiseerd in nauwe samenwerking met Rik van Lochem en Gerhard Roetgering en werd samengesteld door gastcurator Fred Wagemans. Een bijzondere verzameling van eenentwintig niet eerder museaal getoonde tekeningen van Jan Schoonhoven, werd beschikbaar gesteld door het Institute for the Cooperation of Art and Research (ICAR) in New York en The Merchant House in Amsterdam. Deze tekeningen zijn afkomstig uit de voormalige kunstcollectie van Henk Peeters.

Leo Erb - Bernard Aubertin - Henk Peeters - Jan [Johannes Jacobus] Schoonhoven -
Fred Wagemans -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com Jun 13, 2014 12:00 am Oct 01, 2014 New York Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - SRGM Under the Same Sun
Contemporary Art, Exhibition View

Amalia Pica, A ∩ B ∩ C, 2014, Performance view: A ∩ B ∩ C, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City, April 9–July 14, 2013. Photo: Daniela Urbie


New York

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - SRGM

Under the Same Sun

Art from Latin America Today
Opening Jun 13, 2014 at 12:00 am
Start date Jun 13, 2014
End date Oct 01, 2014

Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today reconsiders the state of contemporary art in Latin America, investigating the creative responses of artists to complex, shared realities that have been influenced by colonial and modern histories, repressive governments, economic crises, and social inequality, as well as by concurrent periods of regional economic wealth, development, and progress. The exhibition presents contemporary artistic responses to the past and present that are inscribed within this highly nuanced situation, exploring the assertions of alternative futures. Organized by Pablo León de la Barra, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator, Latin America, Under the Same Sun features works by 40 artists and collaborative duos from 15 countries. The artworks are organized around five themes: "Conceptualism and its Legacies," "Tropicologies," "Political Activism," "Modernism and its Failures," and "Participation/Emancipation."

[Jennifer Allora *1974, Guillermo Calzadilla *1971] Allora & Calzadilla - Carlos Amorales - Armando Andrade Tudela - Alexander Apóstol - Tania Bruguera - Luís Camnitzer - Mariana Castillo Deball - Alejandro Cesarco - [Donna Conlon *1966 & Jonathan Harker *1975] Conlon & Harker - Adriano Costa - Minerva Cuevas - Jonathas de Andrade - Wilson Díaz - Juan Downey - Rafael Ferrer - Regina José Galindo - Mario García Torres - Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster - Tamar Guimarães - Federico Herrero - Alfredo Jaar - Claudia Joskowicz - Runo Lagomarsino - David Lamelas - Marta Minujín - Carlos Motta - Iván Navarro - Rivane Neuenschwander - Gabriel Orozco - Amalia Pica - Wilfredo Prieto - Paul Ramirez-Jonas - Beatriz Santiago Muñoz - Gabriel Sierra - Javier Téllez - Erika Verzutti - Carla Zaccagnini - Tullio d' Albisola - [Raimond Chaves *1963 & Gilda Matilla *1967] Chaves & Matilla -
Pablo Léon de la Barra -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com May 16, 2014 08:00 pm Jun 29, 2014 Feldkirch Kunst Palais Liechtenstein Franz Rosei



Kunst Palais Liechtenstein

Franz Rosei

Opening May 16, 2014 at 08:00 pm
Start date May 17, 2014
End date Jun 29, 2014

Die wesentlichen Steinbildhauer der Gegenwart in Österreich lassen sich an den Fingern einer Hand abzählen, selbst international bilden sie eine verschwindend kleine Gruppe. Franz Rosei gehört dazu. Seit etwa 40 Jahren ist der Künstler mit zahlreichen Ausstellungen im In- und Ausland sowie durch Arbeiten in privaten und öffentlichen Sammlungen und im öffentlichen Raum vertreten. Ursprünglich von der österreichischen Bildhauerschule herkommend, entwickelte Rosei bald eine eigene, in der Steinbildhauerei neue und eigenständige Formensprache. Seitdem arbeitet er, und nur wenige können dies heute, direkt am Stein. Rosei geht den schwierigsten Weg der Skulptur überhaupt. Er reduziert die Materie des Steins solange, bis er die für ihn endgültige Form gefunden hat. Dem Material Stein kommt auch eine symbolische Bedeutung zu. Rosei reflektiert dessen Alter und auch die Tatsache, dass er den Menschen überdauert. Die Steine beziehen sich auf ihre eigenen Millionen Jahre zurückliegenden Entstehungszeiten, aber sie erlauben auch Assoziationen zur Geschichte ihres ästhetischen Einsatzes von der ägyptischen Vorzeit bis zur griechischen Klassik, von der romanischen Archaik bis zur gotischen Eleganz.

Franz Rosei -

Contemporary Art, Art Exhibition Announcement at artist-info.com May 02, 2014 06:00 pm May 24, 2014 Sydney - Paddington Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery Fiona Pardington


Sydney - Paddington

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

Fiona Pardington

Supernatural: Nature, Morte and Ripiro
Opening May 02, 2014 at 06:00 pm
Start date Apr 29, 2014
End date May 24, 2014

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition with artist Fiona Pardington. One of New Zealand’s foremost photographers, Pardington's solo exhibition of recent works will encompass some of the defining features of her practice: memory, mourning, beauty and sensuality. Her captivating images draw heavily on the European tradition of the vanitas or momento mori painting, where the luxury and opulence of the material world is undermined by the imminence of decay. Pardington meticulously composes each study by using found objects imbued with their own history, such as rediscovered family heirlooms or native botanical items. Life, death, longing and loss are all intertwined in these photographs. Fiona Pardington has exhibited widely since 1989. Recent exhibitions include Contact at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany in 2012, the 2012 Ukraine Biennale and the 17th Biennale of Sydney curated by David Elliot in 2010. Her work is represented in several major international museum collections including the Musee du Quai Branly, Paris, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C and in New Zealand the Christchurch Art Gallery, The University of Auckland, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Auckland Art Gallery and Govett Brewster Art Gallery.

Fiona Pardington -

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